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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Fly boys & girls

あんたの友 サヴァンーア

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting up to Speed......

My oh my.....where do I start.....

It's been a really long time since I had a chance to just sit down and blog. So many positive things have happened over the last few months, I have to say that I am truly blessed and even more thankful. I don't know how much I can cover in this one post, but Let's give it a go!.

My Laptop is still busted, but I'm working with it. That's just the way it has to be for now. I'm hoping to get a brand spanking new one before the year is out. We'll see.

All of Hana's birthday parties have come and gone, and I must say it was great. The first one we had early because we wanted all friends and family to attend. We did a flower theme BBQ birthday party complete with a boutique cupcake tower! The story of the cupcakes is a bit wild, but the end result was well worth driving round and round, and avoiding midtown tow trucks.

These cupcakes were awesome. The cake inside was the best around and The icing was the best creamy dream you can find! I really hate those over sweetened sugar cubes some bakeries try to pass off as cakes. You know the kind with super unreal decorations that look cute but taste like shizzle! This place had Icing that was made of real cream & butter cream icing,.(expensive but worth it)...a pain in the ass to keep from melting in the summer heat, but nothing some dry ice and will power wont cure. I also bought some stuffed cupcakes from this super place in NJ for us grown ups......yum is all that can be said! Moving on....it was the first time this summer that I was not the grill master. I had provided the cooked food so Daddy stepped up and showed off his manly grill skills.....the food was delish...thanks babe! The birthday girl was very fussy and tired through most of the party. I wish she was into it more, but hey...she's 1.

The second birthday celebration we had on her real birthday. We had the same cupcake tower but with different cupcakes. The crowd consisted of the immediate family only this time, but we still had a good time. We had the party on the Patio where the mess could be sprayed away with a hose, and unlike last time we let her dive head first into a whole cupcake. She made the biggest mess I've ever seen! But I think she loved it! We cleaned up and went out to dinner to continue the celebration. at this all you can eat steak place. I think we all ate like piggy's. The food at this place was amazing. I've never seen a place with good all you can eat steak, plus the had a buffet of Spanish food, soul food, and american food! we didn't walk out.....we rolled!

Nursing.....It's still going..no issues to speak of....IF you don't count biting and scratching! OUCH! I'm trying to deal with it, but it sucks. Hopefully teaching her not to bite helps......someday before she's 8..lol! Advise please!!  Hana is not showing any signs of weaning herself. She can eat a full meal and still put in a full nursing session! At this rate she is going to out her big brother and I'll be in the poor house ^_^.

Oh I forgot to mention...My baby WALKED!!! 2 days before her birthday!! We were out at a photo shoot for my accessories when it happened, but she did it....Daddy, her brothers, our host and I were in amazement! She was playing with one of those walk push toys when she pushed it aside and walked clear across the living room right into my arms! I almost cried...had to fight back the tears! Now almost 2 weeks later my little girl is starting to run! She tries to avoid crawling now. If she can't walk past something she gets very fussy.

Water baby.....My flower is learning to swim! We've been swimming a lot lately. Daddy bought his little angel the cutest swimsuit & matching flip flops and a pink float-wet-suit! She loves the water and I think she will know how to swim by the time she turns 2! She already knows how to mover her hands around in the water and kick her legs!

So many new and exciting things going on, I'll have to post again very soon....but for now check out the pictures! I promise to get backup to speed soon!


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