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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Party Time!

I can't believe my little baby has been around for about a year already! It feels like just yesterday that I went into labor and soon afterwards brought my little sunshine home. She really is the most adorable little girl ever. I also feel like I've been nursing forever. It's not THAT much of a pain in the butt, but I do miss being milk free. I honestly never thought I would last a year nursing, because with my last son, my milk dried up at around 9 months. I truly believe the milk loss was due to stress and putting in wayyy too much overtime. How can you make milk if you only get to pump once every 8 hours? Anyway, I digress.....I DID IT!! woo hoo!! I can't believe it!

Now......the ever looming issue over weaning come up and rears it's ugly head. What to do...what to do...well since I am working from home now it's not as urgent as it was going to be before, so I guess I can push the nursing to 16 months if my milk holds out that long. 

I absolutely quit pumping a while back and also tossed most of the frozen stash I had saved up. At this point in time I don't think that I will need it to fall back on since Hana is eating a healthy amount of solids along with her milk from the tap. I was going to save some milk due to the fact that I was thinking of putting her into daycare so I can really get more work done at home (anyone else find that it's difficult to work when you toddling baby is up and super active?), but I think she will be ok with water, juice, and food until I pick her up.

In other news there has been lots of changes in the household, mostly good one bad.....my laptop is critically injured! I don't know how I'm going to get on without it  :-(

Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby get's "reel"

Well all good things come to an end...... but I;m still holding out hope that this behavior was just a fluke.

A few weeks ago, Daddy and I took our little muffin out for an early afternoon movie date. It's was hot, so a movie was just the right thing. We got a pair of tickets to see The Prince of Persia. Getting there was quick and easy, which means Hana should have been in a good mood.......well let me tell you she wasn't! My little muffin was super fussy. Normally she is so good at the movies and wherever else we take her. I don't know if it was because of teething or a missed nap but what a little noisy thing she was. Nursing only helped somewhat.....she fell asleep halfway through the movie (thank goodness).

Mobile Me: Dr Moo2

Ok, so I've been away for a long time, that's something for another post. Today I'm coming to you live from the doctors office! Hana is fine, it's just another scheduled check up. My little girl is going to turn 1 in a few weeks and she about to get her shots as well.

Today the office is very crowded. I guess Thursday is not the best day to come considering this Monday everyone will be off. Oh well, this is just another standard post, another daring nursing session ect..... I really dislike the long wait. In my head if you have an appointment, then you should be seen at that time, not am hour later.


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