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Sunday, March 20, 2011

19 months...1st fever

Hana Bear has her first high fever......this is a big deal as this little powerhouse of health is NEVER sick.  As things happen.... this fever just came out of nowhere. It's about. 3 am....an hour or do ago i noticed an overly fussy, sleepy, and oddly enough...talkative little girl. when she rolled over to me she was quite warm and i knew she was sick.

I took her temp and gave her a dose of infant tylenol and motrin......both at the same time.....its a little trick i learned with my first and second sons ( especially my second son Ryan...he was always sick it seemed...poor baby..) Thats what they do at the ER to bring the fever down quickly.

Right now its looking like the medicine worked, because she feels cool to the touch. much better than 30mins ago. She's even fallen back to sleep. She is so brave...even being sick, she has not cried like some little ones do. Such a strong little girl....totally reminds me of my mother!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday buffett

A lazy Sunday and a really good buffet makes for good times. too bad no one wanted to pose for pictures...I think the food was more of interest to them ^_^


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