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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post of 2010

You may not know..but my blog has taken a back seat to 2 businesses and 3 kids. It's a pretty busy schedule, hectic even. But I have to say I love every moment of my new life!. I had some major changes take place in my universe over the course of this year.......

I started 2 business.....One in which I sell my handmade childrens clothes, and occasion wear. Things like tutu's, hair accessories, and actual apparel. This has really taken off for me. Most days I spend sewing, sketching, putting together hair clips, and working on my website.....not to mention maintaining a very active Facebook page and advertising! It has become more work thank one woman can handle so I'm considering getting an employee or two......maybe even an Intern to help with the administrative portions. My second business is HR consulting, things have slowed down with this, partially due to the explosion on the first business. I think this year I will put this business on hold to focus on my boutique, and taking things to the next level with it. Wish me luck....I have some good things in the works, but I don't want to let the cat out of the proverbial "bag" until the "bird"is in hand and things are set.

Next upon the list of changes.....I am now the proud owner of a TODDLER!! unlike this time last year, my little sunflower is really getting into everything. She keeps me super busy! Did I mention she is still nursing!! We've almost made it to the 18 month mark, and I am really tired. But the good thing is that toddler nursing is not like infant nursing. She is now a professional at it, and during the day her nursings are quick and to the point. We are still doing the "on demand" thing, and it still is working for us. I am still thanking god that things happened the way they did, so I can still work at home and be with my children. I can't believe I am entering the extended nursing club. I promised that as long as I was at home that I'd nurse my baby until SHE was ready to wean....I'm holding up my end of the promise.....and god has blessed my boobs with the ability.

Here's a pumping update.....my enduring bessie (Medela Pump In Style).....is in retirement. I have not used her in MONTHS! I do keep her dust free and displayed proudly in my closet though. Since Hana is eating and drinking regular food, there is no reason for me to pump. Even if she stays with daddy, while im out shopping. I am also happy to say, she does NOT drink cows milk in any form......ok maybe a little with cereal...but it's not often that she has cereal anyway...and she always spills the beast milk out of the bowl. I have no plans on getting rid of my pumps. I'd like to hold onto them .....for what I don't know...but I don't feel comfortable with getting rid of them all together........I don't know...they are like a part of me & represent part of my life.

Yes..I am a sentimental fool.

Next Update.......

I MOVED!!! YAY!! I think I posted about the big move before....but yeah.....I'm not in NYC anymore. It was a huge change for our family, but sometimes you have to stop dreaming about doing better things, and just get things done. I was thinking of getting a new place not far from where I used to live in Riverdale...but me and the Mr got our heads together to make the best of our home funds and came up with this big exit strategy. We checked out our new state before we moved, decided it was right for our family and took the leap. We still have some "leaping" to do...but I think things are moving in the right direction. I miss NYC like crazy....but I would not go back if I could help it. The US is a big place...and I'm glad I get the pleasure of finding out there is more to life than just one city. My kids actually get to go outside and ride their bikes, and I don't have to fight for a parking space! The parks here are not just concrete jungle gyms, and the schools are wayyy better than NYC ones...and their free!   My family is still in NYC.....but I'm working on that ^_^

ohh...btw...to my F&F still there.....enjoy the deep freeze! It's balmy and awesome here! :p

So yup....lot's of changes......now the big one.....A NEW YEAR!!  see you there ^_^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Dapper Dad & Daughter

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless wednesday: a glimps of our new life.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

14 Months & Counting.......

That's what today makes........

14 Months of nursing my little angel. It really feels like forever, and since I never thought I'd make it this long, I'm both proud and tired. First I'll go through all the reasons that I'm tired...

One word...teeth! The natural born enemy of lactating moms everywhere! I remember when she grew the first of the now notorious 5.  Ah... I was so proud, I think I posted it everywhere I could on the internet, called friends and family, even told the occasional stranger that would stop and chat with me about the baby. I mean, I was elated...cloud 9. Now the 5 flash their white hot furry at me from within the smile of my adorable little toddler as she proudly shows them off. She sure does love to smile, and while I know with full certainty that he smile is her outwardly expression of her inner joy, I can't help but to think that sometimes.....just sometimes...she flashes those pearly whites, knowing just what she intends to do with them at our next nursing session......can babies smell fear???  I know it may sound silly to some, but if you have ever experienced the great "joy" of  having your "girls" trapped in the tiny sharp teeth of a toddler, all the while they laughed and smiled as you beg for mercy, then surly you know what I'm talking about!.My Husband thinks this is all funny, and jokes the one day she is going to bite me straight through........ can you hear the crickets?......

Another reason why I am tired....I think with the strains of my work, I have let my diet suffer, and that is draining me. The first rule of nursing....."Eat healthy meals". I'm not talking lettuce and bird food here.....I mean foods rich in vitamins and calcium. Any boob-wise mama can tell you that no matter what you eat, your body will make your milk nutritionally "complete" with a few exceptions.....and eating well is more for you than anything else.  Well ladies and gents.....I've bombed that one with flying colors. I can tell I am in dire need of calcium, and I quit taking my pregnancy vitamins early this year. I've always received complements on having a very bright and nice smile....but I think one of the chomppers is a lost cause.  Bye-bye little tooth...rest in piece. I will be in GNC tomorrow to buy more prenatal vites! Live and lean...then forget..and learn again I guess....

On demand nursing.....I'll tell you....That's been both a blessing and a curse. It blesses me with gallons and gallons of milk during these 14 months. It's blessed me to within 8lbs of my pre-baby weight. It's comforted my little baby by pulling double duty as a pacifier. It's blessed my relationship with my daughter in that both she and I know that milk will be there whenever she is hungry, not just whenever the clock tells her she should eat. (personal opinion alert!!!!)....I feel people should not treat their babies like trained puppies. They are allowed to be hungry at whatever time their tiny little bellies growl. I would never deny my baby a drink of milk just because it's not "time" to nurse.....to me thats crazy, and if you disagree....then I'd like you to tell that to your belly. I don't know any grown adult that eats at a designated time on the dot, everyday..... Now I digress...above are all the things that NOD has done for me. Now the stinker........ My sweet, sweet baby girl, fights me for the "girls" in public......  :-(  We all know that I have gotten over the whole "Nursing in public" thing ages ago, but it's quite another animal when you're in line at a fabric store and your daughter goes into your shirt with her tiny little hand to retrieve her milk herself! Of course being the lucky lady that I am, I just so happen to be wearing a halter top....enough said... I can never go back to that store again.....

So as I write this, I'm thinking to myself ....geezz....with all that..what exactly am I proud of?? Well for starters...I still can't believe that I made it past a year with no formula needed. I had two back up cans of milk that Similac sent to me as a sample, I ended up giving that away. I can proudly say for sure that my baby is and was all breastfed! This breastfeeding thing has went so much better than the two time I journeyed before. The money I saved has been phenomenal, and to kick it up a notch...My little girl is the picture of health. No midnight runs to the doctor here. (Thank you lord for blessing her so much.). I am hoping to keep on nursing right up until her 2nd birthday now, but if I can make it to 18 months..I'll call it a victory. ^_^

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Fly boys & girls

あんたの友 サヴァンーア

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting up to Speed......

My oh my.....where do I start.....

It's been a really long time since I had a chance to just sit down and blog. So many positive things have happened over the last few months, I have to say that I am truly blessed and even more thankful. I don't know how much I can cover in this one post, but Let's give it a go!.

My Laptop is still busted, but I'm working with it. That's just the way it has to be for now. I'm hoping to get a brand spanking new one before the year is out. We'll see.

All of Hana's birthday parties have come and gone, and I must say it was great. The first one we had early because we wanted all friends and family to attend. We did a flower theme BBQ birthday party complete with a boutique cupcake tower! The story of the cupcakes is a bit wild, but the end result was well worth driving round and round, and avoiding midtown tow trucks.

These cupcakes were awesome. The cake inside was the best around and The icing was the best creamy dream you can find! I really hate those over sweetened sugar cubes some bakeries try to pass off as cakes. You know the kind with super unreal decorations that look cute but taste like shizzle! This place had Icing that was made of real cream & butter cream icing,.(expensive but worth it)...a pain in the ass to keep from melting in the summer heat, but nothing some dry ice and will power wont cure. I also bought some stuffed cupcakes from this super place in NJ for us grown ups......yum is all that can be said! Moving on....it was the first time this summer that I was not the grill master. I had provided the cooked food so Daddy stepped up and showed off his manly grill skills.....the food was delish...thanks babe! The birthday girl was very fussy and tired through most of the party. I wish she was into it more, but hey...she's 1.

The second birthday celebration we had on her real birthday. We had the same cupcake tower but with different cupcakes. The crowd consisted of the immediate family only this time, but we still had a good time. We had the party on the Patio where the mess could be sprayed away with a hose, and unlike last time we let her dive head first into a whole cupcake. She made the biggest mess I've ever seen! But I think she loved it! We cleaned up and went out to dinner to continue the celebration. at this all you can eat steak place. I think we all ate like piggy's. The food at this place was amazing. I've never seen a place with good all you can eat steak, plus the had a buffet of Spanish food, soul food, and american food! we didn't walk out.....we rolled!

Nursing.....It's still going..no issues to speak of....IF you don't count biting and scratching! OUCH! I'm trying to deal with it, but it sucks. Hopefully teaching her not to bite helps......someday before she's 8..lol! Advise please!!  Hana is not showing any signs of weaning herself. She can eat a full meal and still put in a full nursing session! At this rate she is going to out her big brother and I'll be in the poor house ^_^.

Oh I forgot to mention...My baby WALKED!!! 2 days before her birthday!! We were out at a photo shoot for my accessories when it happened, but she did it....Daddy, her brothers, our host and I were in amazement! She was playing with one of those walk push toys when she pushed it aside and walked clear across the living room right into my arms! I almost cried...had to fight back the tears! Now almost 2 weeks later my little girl is starting to run! She tries to avoid crawling now. If she can't walk past something she gets very fussy.

Water baby.....My flower is learning to swim! We've been swimming a lot lately. Daddy bought his little angel the cutest swimsuit & matching flip flops and a pink float-wet-suit! She loves the water and I think she will know how to swim by the time she turns 2! She already knows how to mover her hands around in the water and kick her legs!

So many new and exciting things going on, I'll have to post again very soon....but for now check out the pictures! I promise to get backup to speed soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Party Time!

I can't believe my little baby has been around for about a year already! It feels like just yesterday that I went into labor and soon afterwards brought my little sunshine home. She really is the most adorable little girl ever. I also feel like I've been nursing forever. It's not THAT much of a pain in the butt, but I do miss being milk free. I honestly never thought I would last a year nursing, because with my last son, my milk dried up at around 9 months. I truly believe the milk loss was due to stress and putting in wayyy too much overtime. How can you make milk if you only get to pump once every 8 hours? Anyway, I digress.....I DID IT!! woo hoo!! I can't believe it!

Now......the ever looming issue over weaning come up and rears it's ugly head. What to do...what to do...well since I am working from home now it's not as urgent as it was going to be before, so I guess I can push the nursing to 16 months if my milk holds out that long. 

I absolutely quit pumping a while back and also tossed most of the frozen stash I had saved up. At this point in time I don't think that I will need it to fall back on since Hana is eating a healthy amount of solids along with her milk from the tap. I was going to save some milk due to the fact that I was thinking of putting her into daycare so I can really get more work done at home (anyone else find that it's difficult to work when you toddling baby is up and super active?), but I think she will be ok with water, juice, and food until I pick her up.

In other news there has been lots of changes in the household, mostly good one bad.....my laptop is critically injured! I don't know how I'm going to get on without it  :-(

Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby get's "reel"

Well all good things come to an end...... but I;m still holding out hope that this behavior was just a fluke.

A few weeks ago, Daddy and I took our little muffin out for an early afternoon movie date. It's was hot, so a movie was just the right thing. We got a pair of tickets to see The Prince of Persia. Getting there was quick and easy, which means Hana should have been in a good mood.......well let me tell you she wasn't! My little muffin was super fussy. Normally she is so good at the movies and wherever else we take her. I don't know if it was because of teething or a missed nap but what a little noisy thing she was. Nursing only helped somewhat.....she fell asleep halfway through the movie (thank goodness).

Mobile Me: Dr Moo2

Ok, so I've been away for a long time, that's something for another post. Today I'm coming to you live from the doctors office! Hana is fine, it's just another scheduled check up. My little girl is going to turn 1 in a few weeks and she about to get her shots as well.

Today the office is very crowded. I guess Thursday is not the best day to come considering this Monday everyone will be off. Oh well, this is just another standard post, another daring nursing session ect..... I really dislike the long wait. In my head if you have an appointment, then you should be seen at that time, not am hour later.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: BBQ2

                                                                                            (Hana: "grass tastes icky!")

Ryan and his Papa playing catch! 
(Dad: "the boy has a good arm!")

Can't see me....I'm the photographer & grill master lol!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seafood & Milk

A taste of summer.....

Yesterday was such a nice day, the little fam decided it was a good time to hit City Island for some delicious sea food. Just in case you don't know what it is I'll tell you. City Island is a place furthest east in the Bronx. It's actually an island! About two blocks wide and 1.5 miles long, its home to a handful of people and some of the best seafood restaurants in NYC. Although we've been to most of the eateries on the there, we visited our favorite outdoor place towards the tip of the island.

With the kiddos in tow, we jumped into the car and headed out. The ride went well and even the baby seemed excited. We arrived, ordered our favorites (snapper/shrimp/corn/pina colodas/ect.....we skipped the lobster tails this time) and found an awesome outdoor table to chow down at. The place was not crowed to the max like it's next door neighbor, which was cool. My seven year old rushed through his meal just so he could throw the "leftovers" to the seagulls (if allowed he would have thrown the whole meal over to the birds..lol).

The real surprise came via my little 10 month old Hana. She attacked my plate and stole my corn on the cob!! The things that little baby can do with just two little teeth astounds me everytime! She held that corn for dear life, so of course I let her have it (who could wrestle food away from a baby and still live with themselves?).

ext she tackled my fries! She grabbed one after another.....there was no giving her baby food at this point. She had it firm in her head that she was a big girl, and going to eat big girl food! Lucky for her and me the fries were the big soft kind (steak fries). so they mashed in her mouth easily. She was going gaga for them. I think she ate more than her 7yo brother did. at the end she even stole some of his drink!! Guess who has mastered the art of drinking thru a straw?? Hana bear ! That's who!
I'm telling you...she really kept me and her dad laughing. At the end of our time out she got cranky and demanded to nurse (shirt pulling and her "milk cry"). I didn't have it in me to nurse her right there in front of the other diners. As it got later, more people started to crowd in. Yeah I know.....boob power and all....but I didn't this time. I was a chicken at a place full of seafood.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wet sheets....

and shirts...

I used to be plagued by them way back in the beginning, my little girl was wayyyy younger and I was just getting used to being a lactating mother. Well it seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same because I think my body is revisiting square one.

Last night I awoke with painful let down in my "lazy boob" (thats the one that never makes as much milk as the "super boob" on the right). It was strange because that side never ever gets overly full. Well anyway..it did, and of course ..not to be left out the right side swelled too. I didn't feel like getting up to pump so broke a rule I never thought I would do.....I WOKE THE NURSING MONSTER UP TO EAT!!

But guess what......the poor thing was too tired to nurse for more than two minutes. Poo on my face eh? LOL. I got some relief but decided to suffer it out in my wet shirt until the baby awoke an hour later for her regular meal. I'm still full as  I type this, so I don't know whats going on. I have not dropped any nursing sessions lately nor have I gone back to pumping to build much of a store. My wild guess is that maybe Hana is having or going to have a growth spurt?  Pregnancy was mentioned (and I laughed real loud), but that would have the opposite effect.

Again with the too much milk thing.....I guess it's still not a bad problem to have.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New Toy!

OT- Blogger Award!!

Ok, Crappy day turned Nice......

Yeah, I kinda copied NoviceMommy, but today was really crappy, and it has turned a bit nicer because......................

I Won The
Versatile Blogger Award!
Until today I didn't know anything about this award so below you will find the rules as they appeared on http://novicemommie.blogspot.com.

The Rules for the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So I am thanking Trista of " HOMEMAKING101"!! Thanks for checking out my blog and rewarding me! Now.....to fulfill the rules.....

7 things about myself
  1. I love to travel.
  2. I would breastfeed until my daughter turns two if I could.
  3. I love blogging.
  4. I'm working on opening my online boutique for tutu's and hats. 
  5. I wish I able to type 55 wpm
  6. I want another daughter
  7. I love video games more than my kids do. (I hog all the games..lol)
I'm still working on the list of bloggers who I will give this award to.....and will update this section later.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Minute Milk


I used my pump again today, and my efforts were rewarded with a whopping 7oz of milk from Mrs righty! I am soo excited that pumping went so well after not doing it for so long. I guess I had the idea in my head that since I've just been breastfeeding and not pumping I would not be able to get any milk out using the pump. I am going to pump again in maybe an hour or so. Why am I working so hard you ask?? Well.....I am trying to make at least 30oz before tomorrow night becaause that's when I fly out to take care of some business (yay!).  I am very excited about that as well, but sad that I have to spend the night away from the baby. I have other frozen milk to offer, but I have a soapy issue going on with that (click here to read that post), so I'm trying my best to get out new milk,scald it and freeze it until tomorrow night. The hope here is that the milk will taste good, so even if she is fussy she will accept it.

In other fears.....I foresee my bosom swelling up like a balloon whilst I'm away, so I will be taking my hand pump with me. I entertained the idea of taking my big pump, but I don't want to deal with airport security. So laterz to bessie! She'll stay home and ......yes collect more dust.

If you're thinking that I'm silly for trying to do this last minute...maybe I am, but it's not my fault. I got in on a sick airline sale and had to take advantage of it asap. It was just a stroke of luck that it happened just when I was in need of said "sick travel deal". Wish my efforts luck, both milk and travel!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tu-Tu Terrific!

I think I did it! I'm done with my very first Tu-Tu dress!

When I first began working on this dress I was so afraid. I thought that I was going to mess it up some how. Looking around on the net for inspiration only exasperated my fears because some of the dresses looked so complicated. But as it turned out once I had the RIGHT materials everything went soo smoothly. My "T-Beta 1" dress is all done and ready to wear,but I'm not going to make the final length cut until about a week of so before Hana's birthday just so I don't cut it too short right now. Next....I am going to get cracking on the second dress this weekend. I think this dress should only take me a few days to complete, since I've "leveled-up" my skills in Tu-Tu making it should be a cinch! I also know just where to buy all the material I will need. The first time around I shopped at this outrageously overpriced craft place. I didn't know it at the time but I was seriously over charged for the tulle and elastic I purchased. Good thing that when I ran out of tulle in the middle of my Tu-Tu project I hit the Internet and found a place that sells for a third of what I paid at a actual store!

I can't believe I did it! Us Aries are notorious for starting projects and not completing them.....but I DID IT! I'm a changed woman! LOL!! No, really I am so proud of myself and happy that the first dress is done. It's not perrrrfect, but it is nice..I hope my baby looks like the flower that she is in it. Oh! I forgot to mention that I make a matching sunflower hair clip to match the ones I made for the dress! That was tons of fun too! I got to play with my hot glue gun! YAY!

Let me know what you think....Here it is!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So If you visited me here or passed by one of my postings in cyberspace you may already know that My site is .....changing! I've played around with a few different host and blogging sites but have not yet settled on any one in particular. I find a lot of host frustrating for such a person as myself with no web building experience other than my personal attempts to build and expand this blog.

Beggars can't be choosers.......?

I guess not but I just am not satisfied with the pre-made sites I've come across. Don't get me wrong they are nice, but I really do want something all my own. I also am too cheap to pay a designer to make one for me..(if any designers out there want to help me with my project for free please leave a comment below ^_^) . With all of that said I know it's going to be a long road until I have the site of my dreams. I'm learning the ins and outs of CSS and HTML, but there is a whole lot more to building a site than just those things, and then there is the whole time factor. Since I'm a newbie it takes soooo much more time to do even the smallest of changes because I don't really know too much about this stuff.

Right now I'm learning how to create my own blog backgrounds and headers,buttons ect... I think my first try at combining different elements other than just a single layer picture is going well. It's not perfect but it's a start.

Anyway......I'm still working towards MY perfect blog. I hope I get there soon. For now I will display a "construction icon" until I'm ready to unveil the new and improved fully functional website!

Wish me luck and inspiration!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's going on? The 9th month update!!

Ok, I'm back and ready to go!

I've been really light as far as blogging goes lately. There are plenty of things going on that has been keeping me off my poor bloggy. Nothing major or heart wrenching, just regular ole stuff including nice weather, and sheer laziness. I guess a few updates are in order.....Here we go!

As I announced last week or so, the famous tooth watch of 2010 is over. My princess sprouted her first pearly white! It a bottom front tooth. I think I can see the second one right next to it on it's way in!

Eating!.......mi muñeca come mucho! and I mean alot! Just the other day something really funny happened. I was sitting down to share a small plate of leftovers with dad and Hana, light lightning, reaches up and grabs a handful of the food yells and eats it right up! She didn't even give me time to offer her any! Every time this happens it makes me laugh so dam hard, it's just the look on her face and how she yells out!...lol as if she say's "GIMMIE SOME TOO..NOW MAMA", and she's soo happy happy while chewing too! She kinds sings while she eats...it goes like this...ya ya ya (chew,chew)ya, ya.....ect. So cute. Also....She likes to eat food with lots of texture. Chewing is something she loves to do. If I give her any strained jar food I have to thicken it up with rice cereal or potatoes. Watching her self feed is the best part of our meal times! That little pincer grip is "da bomb"! Daddy say's she's such a good eater, and it's true. I never have to fight her or play "airplane".

Hana the socialite! .....lately as the weather has been good, my little girl is making friends on her trips to the park! I didn't know she was so social as she is always sticking to me (my velcro baby!) lol. On the last trip to the park another baby girl joined in on our play group. I thought she was going to cry but she didn't. She played without a care in the world. I was sitting behind her and she didn't look back once to check for me. A proud mama I am! I hope the rain clears up this week so we can get back to our play business. :-P. She has also been getting out to kiddie partys and get togethers.

Ryan even has a new playmate...bebe's sister Alex!

This is how WE roll! ^_^

Locomotion baby......It's her way or no way...really...she loves to "crawl" and it's kinda the full hands and knees thing but she also incorporates the roll when she really wants to get from point A to point B. I try to "teach" her how to keep moving her arms and legs to continue the crawl but she fusses and wants to roll anyway....*sigh*....so be it. Dad thinks she will skip the full on crawl and begin walking because she loves loves to stand and is starting to creep more and more now. I agree because I can't even get her to sit down in the bath tub anymore. She always stays put for five minuets or less then like clockwork she pulls herself up to stand for the remainder of the bath. There is no sitting this girl down and if you try she gets all worked up and begins crying. I pick my battles so for now..she can stand, I just have to hold her extra tight or keep bath time nice and quick. I guess it all adds up to .....
WALK WATCH 2010!!!
Take your bets folks! I'm hoping she will walk this month like her big big bro did. It's a long shot but that my bet and I'm sticking to it!

Nursing.....is still going well. Even though she is eating lot's of solids, Hana is still nursing several times a day. My poor pump is collecting dust in the corner as I have not used it in many weeks as I promised to do. I know I welshed, but I think my store of milk will take us into the 12 month mark because I only use it when needed, and that's not often. I'm thinking of starting up a new stash that I can use to take us into 18 months, but I have to beat that crippling condition called LAZY, before I can make that wish a reality. So for now it's all still coming straight from "the tap" and real weaning is on hold. Aside from the lazy condition I think a part of me does not want to wean Hana so soon. I guess I'm holding onto and treasuring our special time together. She is getting big so fast it's making me afraid I guess. She's not that tiny little flower I brought home from the hospital...all squishy and pink who could barely open her mouth to nurse.. where does the time go?

Family.......La Reina is what she has been dubbed....or the princess. Oh yes she has subjects....her loving brothers, mommy dearest, tia's, tio's , grandparents cousins, friends, family friends, and everyone else........not to mention the most loyal subject of all....PAPA! all wrapped around her little finger...especially when she goes into her "da-da-da" song. Soliel is what she is...our little sunshine.

Birthday prep.... Things are going slow, but I do have three more months till its party time. Right now I'm still working on the dress. More on that in a separate post. Saturday I did buy her the cutest birthday onesie ever. I was thinking she could wear it while playing, and could change into the custom made dress when it is picture time. Since her day is in July it will be way too hot for her to keep on that dress for the duration of the bbq party.

Health Check.... Last week we both fell a tad ill. A mysterious cold hit me like a ton of bricks and grazed over the baby. The has a runny nose, but aside from that, she is just as happy and playful as ever. I really think being breastfeed is helping her avoid being really sick. To date she has not had any illness requiring a sprint to the ER or anything. I still have untouched infant Motrin and Tylenol! She is blessed with health and I pray for her all the time. Even teething has not caused any dramatic fevers......yet. She will have her 9 month check up soon.....let's hope the shots don't make her sick either.

Ok...I think that's it. I'm back ....and ready to blog!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Practice makes perfect

Hana and her friend bebe standing at the park!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tooth Watch 2010


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hana Can Read

......ok, not yet..but we're hoping very soon!

I've always been skeptical about infomercials that say they have the tools to change your life. You know if it was soo life changing...... why would everyone NOT have this product!

Now......every since I watched the "YOUR BABY CAN READ" infomercials a few years back I've been intrigued, but guess what??.......That's how they get you.....with intrigue! They peak your interest until you cave in and buy the product, with little more than the HOPE that your child will reap some unproven, subjective benefit. Children are natural "copy cats" if you will. That's HOW THEY LEARN IN THE EARLY YEARS!!

Now I know what you're thinking.....If you know all that miss-missy....why the photo above??

I'll tell you why...and the culprit's name is DAD! .......well German to be exact...but let's go with Dad. He surprised me last month with the YBCR set (awwwww how nice and cute of him!!). I don't really think too much of the program.....but Hana sure does love it! When she is watching, it's like she's in a trance! One song in particular she loves, loves, loves!

Now that I am the proud owner of this happy, singing, set of learning fun...I'll give it a go and let you know how this turns out.....but before we get all giddy and think this product will make our babies smarter consider this..........

y pushing children, especially boys, to read early it can make them hate to read. There are studies that suggest that children who read too early, especially boys again, can have eye tracking issues, causing problems with dyslexia or something similar. Basically our eyes are meant to go across the page to read a sentence after we're about 7. Pushing before then may be straining the eyes and the portion of the brain developing for that. (If you decide to let your child read before 7 they suggest keeping the sentences short so that they're not reading across the page but just one or two words at a time.) Reading early does not mean that they are smarter. By 10, everyone seems to catch up and it's the ones who love to read that succeed, not the ones who started at 2.
Focusing too much on reading rather than active play can cause damage to portions of the brain that are developing at this time connected to balance, play, etc. In other words, a 2 year old doesn't need to read. But a 2 year old does need to learn to walk along a wall balancing, to bounce a ball, to kick a ball, to pour from one cup to the other, etc. The brain develops these areas before it develops those areas used in reading, and there's some studies that suggest that when you push one area of the brain before it's ready then you cause underdevelopment of other parts of the brain, or problems later on."

Well..., that's all people! I don't think I will PUSH my baby to read, but just continue to read things aloud and talk to her, and if she finds the program interesting so be it!

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Nature Walks - Spring

Who needs the botanic gardens when live you in a neighborhood with so much floral life!
(can you say ACHOOOO!)

Look at Hana in the pear tree! -------------->
(I didn't even know what kind of tree it was until we got home and I looked it up!.....awesome).

Thursday was another warm day so I decided to take the family on a nature walk after we finished our errands. The flowering trees seemed so alive and aromatic. The flowers were also vibrant and playful in the wind, so I stopped for a few quick pictures. We had lots of fun posing in the foliage, sniffing each flower as we passed and learning a little bit more about our neighborhood's "garden" .


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