"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections to whats really important" Family!

What's New!

01/16 - I was ditched, and Hana choose to snuggle with daddy. aww...
01/16 - At 32 inches, she is a tall girl for 17M & 3w old!
01/15 - So much is new! hopefully I can catch this list up a bit. This week Hana is walking up AND down the stairs holding the banister.There are 12 pearly whites in Hana's mouth! 2 more are on the way!

---------------------------------------------------end 2010-------------------------------------------------
07/03 - Hana is almost 1! Birthday Party 1of 2 was great!
07/01 - Doctor, Doctor...Sunflower is doing great! tall and slim just like mom! =^_^=. Perfect health, no asthma...always good news.
06/29 - I discovered Hana's third tooth! yay!
06/20 - Happy Father's Day!
05/29 - Big girl food of fries and corn is enjoyed at city island!
05/29 - Hana get her first boo-boo. She fell down and got a tiny little cut that bleed.
05/03 - Piggy piggy hana! Food is not safe around her. She will eat her food and yours!
05/01 - Hana responds when I tell her to "come to mommy". She will crawl or creep right over to me! cute!!
04/26 - Finger foods in all varieties are the fave! Peas,squared carrots, apple dices, rice ect!
04/20 - Hana is crawling! Her style is one foot on the floor that she uses to push herself forward.
04/04 - Easter! Hana behaves in church...sort of..lol
04/02 - Hana creeps!! she is walking holding onto the park gate! I think she wanted to impress all the other walking babies at the park.
03/20 - Full crawl watch has begun, she's on all fours and rocking back and forth.
03/20 - Military crawl is in effect!
03/18 - Chatty chatty hanabear! she "talks soo much..its cute!
03/17 - Hana had her first taste of ice cream!
03/11 - Floor time is increasing.
03/10 - Grapes!! She loves them, green, & sliced up.
03/09 - Hana makes a friend at the park!
02/26 - Happy 7th month Hana!!
02/16 - Snacks are all the rage! apple puffs are her favorite!
02/13 - Hana has a new friend! Her doll Ana.
02/09 - Hana's pincer grip is being put to great use...she is picking up anything within reach...even the tiny stuff.
02/09 - Hana bathes in the "small tub" for the first time!
02/08 - Hana tasted pureed turkey for the first time.
02/07 - My girl can scoot a short distance on her tummy (what happened to crawling??).
02/01 - Big brother Ryan turns 7!!
01/28 - Toys are all the rage now.
01/26 - Hana is 6 months old!!
01/19 - Eating has slowed, She loves her milk.......
01/19 - 5 3/4 months...Sitting up is solid. She can rise from a horizontal position! look mom no hands!
01/10 - My girls is eating!
01/06 - Sitting up is getting better, no hands to balance needed!
12/30 - Hana can sit up UNASSISTED! in "tripod" mode.
12/30 - Hana got a new sippy cup..SHE DRANK OUT OF A CUP!
12/16 - Hana can hold a 4oz bottle of milk if given.
12/16 - Rolling over from front to back & back to front is official!
12/11 - Hana can sit up assisted and is prepping to crawl!
12/05 - Eating is in practice mode.


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