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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mei Tai Happiness!!!

A few weeks back, I decided to join the trend of "baby-wearing". Well in order to begin my ascent into this heralded sect I needed the basics....a dam good carrier, capable of extended carries, high weight limit, correct Infant support (none of that crotch yanking baby bjorn stuff), comfortable with wide straps that distribute the weight of the baby to the hips not the back and stylish to boot. Here it is....

Yesterday I got my new baby carrier in the mail. I am extremely happy. Its a Mei Tai style carrier from "Mei Tai Baby"(http://www.meitaibaby.com/).....It's pure heaven, and after a crap load of research, I'm confident that it will serve me well. I considered buying a Ergo or Becco but wanted to design my own and this website offered a spot of creativity. With out going into a full fledged caparison I just wanted to put it out there that the above site is great!!

How does this relate to the moo-moo factor of this blog?? Well...I am happy to say that I can comfortably breastfeed in it using both sides =^_^=. My LO loves to be in it. She fell asleep about 5 minuets after being placed into it and now my hands are free to do other things.

After gushing over this carrier i do have one peeve.....taking it off outside can be a bother because the straps are very long so you have to watch and be sure not to let it touch the ground.

As always.....time to nurse.


Next time........."spoiling" in order to maintain or increase your milk supply, and why i don't believe in letting my baby CIO.

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