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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I was going to Include this at the end of my other post, But this information deserves its own page, don't you think?!

The other day I was at my friends home visiting with the baby when her friend stopped by with her 4 year old daughter. The little girl came over and asked to see Hana and I told her that the baby was eating. She persisted to look around the cover I had on and sneaked a peek at my nursing LO. The girl then said to me "umm...is she sucking on your teta's?". I replied "yes, that is what your tetas are for.....to feed the baby when you grow up and have a family".

All of us woman looked at each other and smirked hard! In any case it was funny, but true. It brings me to another website I would like to share... http://www.thingamababy.com/baby/2009/07/babyglutton.html . On this site is a doll called " Baby Gloton" The worlds first breastfeeding doll!!!! Its about freaking time. I think this doll was a long time in the making and should have been the first baby doll ever put on the market!

Admittedly I also feel they should have given it a better name. I mean "Gloton"?? .....gluttonous? why name a doll that is made to mimic NATURAL FEEDING gluttonous? There is nothing gluttonous about breastfeeding!! Only bottle fed babies can over eat and when forced to knock back 8oz bottles of formula as they suckle for comfort become gluttonous out of habit and not actual hunger!! Uhh, I sincerely hope they change the name of the doll for the U.S launch, If there ever is one. Below is a comment someone left on the above website about the name....sure clears things up....but it's not going to fly..or sell for that matter in the U.S without a better name.

"Cecilia says:

I’m familiar with Spanish culture as well… calling a baby “gloton” is a term of endearment. I’ve heard little girls called “bruja” (witch) and “gorda” (fat), which is appalling to many Americans, but the use of these nicknames is just as common as “guapa” (beautiful) and “maja” (pretty, nice-looking)."

Coming down off the name thing I would defiantly buy this doll for friends and family if it was made safely and the parents didn't mind. My LG is getting one in advance, and so is my nieces.

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