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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Firsts vs Lasts

My little girl has become more independent lately. Just last month my daughter had this thing she would do when she woke up in the morning. Actually she has been doing this one action since i brought her home from the hospital. Every morning, even after her naps, If she was asleep in another room and woke up, she would sit up in the bed and cry (just fake tears) until someone came to get (rescue) her. This week things are different. While sitting down stairs in the living room I heard Hana do her morning whimper....but this time it was very short. Just a few sounds, and then the pitter patter of her little foot steps! She got out of the bed on her own, came down the stairs in her butt sliding fashion, and tada! there she was. Myself and her Father could not believe our eyes.....our little baby is getting big. The very next day she did it again, and now gone are the days of going to get my little princess from the bed.

That's what got me to thinking about all her other "lasts". No one ever really bothers to document  the last time their kids do the little things that mark their journey into new stages, but I think I will start. Another recent last for my little girl is her cute way she goes down the stairs in our house. She scoots down on her butt, but just the other day she grabbed the banister and WALKED down just like everyone else! Now that's how she goes up AND down the stairs. I guess that marks her growing into a different phase of full toddler-hood, but I sure do miss seeing her do that little scoot of hers....oh well....another "last" for the record book.

another thought.....I wonder when was the last time my boys reached up to me and I carried them???.....you know....the last time before they asked to be carried again, and I told them the were too heavy for mommy to pick up......Hana is getting so big....I'm sure that time is coming for her sooner than I'd like, but for now I know there are many more carries left before I'm writing about the "last" one.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 2011

A night out in Oct 2010!
My little Hana bear taking a break from riding her Christmas ATV!


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