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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post of 2010

You may not know..but my blog has taken a back seat to 2 businesses and 3 kids. It's a pretty busy schedule, hectic even. But I have to say I love every moment of my new life!. I had some major changes take place in my universe over the course of this year.......

I started 2 business.....One in which I sell my handmade childrens clothes, and occasion wear. Things like tutu's, hair accessories, and actual apparel. This has really taken off for me. Most days I spend sewing, sketching, putting together hair clips, and working on my website.....not to mention maintaining a very active Facebook page and advertising! It has become more work thank one woman can handle so I'm considering getting an employee or two......maybe even an Intern to help with the administrative portions. My second business is HR consulting, things have slowed down with this, partially due to the explosion on the first business. I think this year I will put this business on hold to focus on my boutique, and taking things to the next level with it. Wish me luck....I have some good things in the works, but I don't want to let the cat out of the proverbial "bag" until the "bird"is in hand and things are set.

Next upon the list of changes.....I am now the proud owner of a TODDLER!! unlike this time last year, my little sunflower is really getting into everything. She keeps me super busy! Did I mention she is still nursing!! We've almost made it to the 18 month mark, and I am really tired. But the good thing is that toddler nursing is not like infant nursing. She is now a professional at it, and during the day her nursings are quick and to the point. We are still doing the "on demand" thing, and it still is working for us. I am still thanking god that things happened the way they did, so I can still work at home and be with my children. I can't believe I am entering the extended nursing club. I promised that as long as I was at home that I'd nurse my baby until SHE was ready to wean....I'm holding up my end of the promise.....and god has blessed my boobs with the ability.

Here's a pumping update.....my enduring bessie (Medela Pump In Style).....is in retirement. I have not used her in MONTHS! I do keep her dust free and displayed proudly in my closet though. Since Hana is eating and drinking regular food, there is no reason for me to pump. Even if she stays with daddy, while im out shopping. I am also happy to say, she does NOT drink cows milk in any form......ok maybe a little with cereal...but it's not often that she has cereal anyway...and she always spills the beast milk out of the bowl. I have no plans on getting rid of my pumps. I'd like to hold onto them .....for what I don't know...but I don't feel comfortable with getting rid of them all together........I don't know...they are like a part of me & represent part of my life.

Yes..I am a sentimental fool.

Next Update.......

I MOVED!!! YAY!! I think I posted about the big move before....but yeah.....I'm not in NYC anymore. It was a huge change for our family, but sometimes you have to stop dreaming about doing better things, and just get things done. I was thinking of getting a new place not far from where I used to live in Riverdale...but me and the Mr got our heads together to make the best of our home funds and came up with this big exit strategy. We checked out our new state before we moved, decided it was right for our family and took the leap. We still have some "leaping" to do...but I think things are moving in the right direction. I miss NYC like crazy....but I would not go back if I could help it. The US is a big place...and I'm glad I get the pleasure of finding out there is more to life than just one city. My kids actually get to go outside and ride their bikes, and I don't have to fight for a parking space! The parks here are not just concrete jungle gyms, and the schools are wayyy better than NYC ones...and their free!   My family is still in NYC.....but I'm working on that ^_^

ohh...btw...to my F&F still there.....enjoy the deep freeze! It's balmy and awesome here! :p

So yup....lot's of changes......now the big one.....A NEW YEAR!!  see you there ^_^


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