"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections to whats really important" Family!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Contain me!

An old (no so ugly) issue has reappeared!

Getting ready to pump yesterday, I realized that I am bag-less! In all honesty I have not gone out to buy nor have I gone online to order anymore milk storage bags. I've been making due with the set of Medela storage bottles I have. At the six month mark I find myself not wanting to buy more of the Lansinoh bags. When I defrosted the first of my stash last month during my period of low productivity, to my dissapointment a good amount of them had holes! I'm talking 1/3 here. At this point whenever I do defrost a bag, I cut the entire bag off of the frozen milk and resume the defrost in a clean glass container. Yes I'm having trust issues,,,,,,, In a ME exclusive .......I am going to write to the company to let them know about the issue I am having. I have a large stash, but would still hate to loose any new additions to bag leaks.

What do I do in the interim while I search for my next storage soloution? Well so far I've been using the regular bottles. That's not helping much because I don't have too many to begin with.

Yes I know......to target I go.......or maybe I go up to the baby depot.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 Months!!

Hana is six months old today!!

I can't believe it. Just yesterday my angel was a wrinkly little newborn. Time seems to be moving so quickly, My girl is sitting up, eating, drinking from a cup, babbling, rolling over.......geez, next she will be crawling all over the place, then walking. I am so grateful that I have been able to enjoy every moment with her.

Nursing report @ month 6.

I very happy that breastfeeding is going well. Just to make it EBF this long is a blessing and I'm hoping for an additional 6 months of success. No infections or others medical issues to speak of. Aside from a short supply snafu, Milk production levels are good. NOT A DROP OF FORMULA has entered my baby's body since that first and last bottle given to her in the hospital nursery!!! If I can say this again in another six months I WILL do a cartwheel.

So here's to my baby's six wonderful months of life, nursing, bonding, and love. Spending our days together is such a wonderful thing

I pray for many more.

Outta My Head Onto Paper 2

It's here!!!!

My blog book came in the mail today!!! I'm soo excited! It's actually everything I expected it to be. The binding seems sturdy enough ....compare it to a Dr Seuss book, it's exactly like that. The cover is super glossy like a photo and pages inside are of good quality.

Did I mention how happy I am to finally have it??? This is exactly what I wanted my baby blog to be in the end!! An awesome keepsake that my little girl can read when she grows up, and something I can re-read anytime even if something happens to blogger and my blog gets erased.

I am going to order another copy to have as a back-up. I'll keep one with the albums that visitors can read when they come over, and the other unopened in the box for posterity.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Once bitten twice sore.......

I'm a little chew toy tall and slim.....LOL

Ok, I changed the words...but I'm not lying.......I am a chew toy now =^_^=
My little Hana has no teeth to speak of yet, but that is not stopping her from practicing on my oh so tender breast. In between blowing raspberries and "talking" her butt off my little girl is chewing up a storm! She is munching on everything in sight.

toys on her jumper---chewed,munched, chewed again.
her stuffed animals---chewed & slobbered.
my hair and clothes---slobbered on.
her clothes & bibs---soaked.
her teething rings---appropriately eaten
last but most munched is my poor girls.......ouch!

I am really afraid of the thought of her getting her first tooth. Since she likes to bite I know those cute little pegs spell big pain for me.

I remember the advise I got from the LC seven years ago when I nursed my son Ryan, They say that's it's not a good idea to scream when you baby bites you, and if you do then it's like rewarding your baby with a reaction, therefore the behavior continues, I could not do it then and I cant do it now.....

Biting hurts!!

As soon as I figure out how to scream on the inside I'll have this non-rewarding thing down.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milk'n Menu

Water with those potatoes......

Today was a good day. It was the first time my little Hana sat up in the high chair at a restaurant. I never had such a well behaved baby at a eatery before! My two boys were always big fussers whenever we ate out.....

We began dinner with a high chair and a dream. After getting settled in I went rummaging in the diaper bag, and to my dismay, I FORGOT THE BOTTLE!!! As my hand continued to prowl the depths of my diaper bag my mind flashed back to the kitchen counter where I last remembered having the bottle of newly defrosted milk and the clean nuby sippy cup. As I came to grips with my "oops moment" I quickly gave the waiter my order and also requested a baked potato for Hana. While things settled down at our table, I decided to just go ahead and nurse the baby before the food got there, that way she would be sated and we all could eat without too much fuss. As if on cue Hana finished up right before the food came out and made it's way around the table. Like a darling big girl, I placed her right back in the restaurant high chair and she looked all around smiled and played with her hands.

I am so proud of her.....she sat there so patiently after her nursing, as the food was passed she only banged the table a few times as if reminding us that she was fully expecting to be served as well....... (she was).

I requested a small bowl and spoon to use for mashing up the baked tater I ordered for the baby. After I mashed, the potato consistency was still too thick for Hana to safely eat, so I ordered some water to thin them out a bit. That did the trick, because my sunflower ate them all up (such a hungry little cutie).

From there the remainder of dinner was a breeze. Everything was soo nice. Better than I expected. Next time I'll remember the milk,...and I'll bring Hana some food from home. =^_^=

Right now I'm sitting on my couch typing this and Hana is "blowing raspberries" all on my keyboard....I think it's time for bed.



Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have weapons of mass cuteness!

Following up on my last melon post, I went out again in search of some accessory goodness. This time out I found more flowers and waffle headbands. With my hot glue gun and hair clips in tow I have put together a few pieces that are very cute. As a mom of two older boys I must say, nothing bring out ones creativity quite like a daughter does. Everything around me puts ideas into my head about what new thing I can put on hers...(even old Christmas decorations)....lol!

My oldest son says I'm torturing his little sister, but I feel that I'm just enjoying every second of her being little and cute,....everyone knows what lovable monsters girls grow into when the teen years hit. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

So for now I'll revel in all things cute..... Let the "torture" continue!

Such a cute little face....in such cute hairpieces.... Do your teeth hurt from all the sugar?

Just in case the video above is not working

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging With A Purpose: staying on track

Blogging on substance....

It's mid-January and I wanted to step back and take a long hard look at my blogs. I'm not just talking about looks here (though I must admit I do like a good looking page), I'm talking about the "meat & potatoes" ..... the real reason I blog.

It's been almost a year since I first began capturing my life via blog. My reasons for creating those first entries were purely for personal self expression. I was beginning the second trimester in my pregnancy and felt tremendous tension about everything that was going on in my life. I used writing as a way to focus on the good, ......get it out of my head and to a place where I could revisit it later. I wanted to remember everything about the wonderful miracle that was growing inside of me, enjoy the journey if you will. Sometimes when we are going through trying times, the gray can mute the colors. Blogging had in turn become a filter. As I look back and read my baby blog (http://sunbaby09.blogspot.com/) I become more and more grateful I had the courage to write it. Every post takes me back to that exact moment in time...., only now I can smile just a little bit wider.

Once I gave birth to my little one, I ended my first blog. However I felt I still had something to express. As planned, I began my third trip down the breastfeeding isle. the previous two times I entered into bf'ing I didn't have all the help, tools, and support I have this time around. My family was not used to seeing anyone breastfeed, store milk or anything else. With my first son it was so lonely. I felt like I had three heads! The second time in was a bit better. I had a little support from my sons dad and the rest of my family, although no one could offer any advise or info tidbits. Back then I was not into going online because I didn't own my own computer.....nor was I nearly as competent as I am now. Ohhhh the information I could have used........instead of 7 or 8 months I think I could have nursed for a full year. I had the wrong pump, didn't get enough time at work, and just overall was in serious need of knowledge......or at least someone to really talk to about it. Never the less I did it.....and I must say for what it was......it was a success!

Now it's lucky number 3 time and I have some experience under my belt, but like each pregnancy & child this time is very different.

Here is where my "MooMoo Mama"blog comes in. Armed with the handy advice of lactation consultants, fellow baby bloggers, increased family support, and friendly chit chat, I sprinted down the lactation path right out of the gate. Laptop in tow I chronicle my ups, downs and sideways of being a exclusively bf'ing mama. Honestly I feel that unlike my last blog where I engaged in writing as a way to keep track of the good and wrangle a scrapbook at the same time, I now blog to keep motivated. I blog to stay on track and as a way to self encourage. If I've ever given off the impression that breastfeeding is fun please call me a big fat liar!!

The only thing about breastfeeding that keeps me going is knowing that I'm giving my baby the best, FREE, most perfect food I can give (and maybe the little smiles you get after the baby nips you with her new tooth, looks up, then giggles at your yelp of pain).
Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE bf'ing, But let's be real.....it is WORK. Everyday I work at keeping up my supply, pumping, storing, ect... and some mamas have even more bf'ing blocks to tear down. it's a commitment, but I think of all the other things I have committed myself to doing, and this is worth wayyyy more. We have all logged loads of hours to employers, why not invest in our kids nutrition.??? I guess most of all I am grateful just for the ability to be able to breastfeed and do it with a fair amount of success.

So I ask you....

What are your reasons for blogging? Mine are not glamorous or filled with freebies, they are not chock full of expert advise, or voted most popular, they don't appeal to the masses or ignite a song in your soul. They are just the reasons of a mom who is learning something new about the world and herself everyday. Pushing the limits of what I've done, moving to discover other things I have the ability to do. My milk.....the reason I blog?? Maybe, but I also blog to share my experience with others....to connect, to encourage myself, and most of all to express.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned..... I have lots more to share.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Progress

<-------- All packed up & ready to go in the deep freezer! xoxo

Stacked High about 45-55 oz.....hard work..

5 Months 2 Weeks.....Still Nursing Strong

Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting What's Needed

Thank you.....thank you......thank you Jesus!

Things have been getting much better in the life of this milkin mama. I am now getting the "extra" milk I've been drinking and pumping for, and I couldn't be happier. This morning I pumped a full 8 oz of milk in one session! That's even after feeding the baby all night and in the Am! People, you don't know how happy this makes me!. To have a chance at rebuilding my supply is truly a gift. I honestly thought I was drying up, because it happened around the same time (between 5-6 months) when I had my last son.

This weekend has been great for expression. I've been trying to keep up with the pumping, so I could maximize my output. When daddy found out what I was trying to do last week, he brought me a whole case of water to help with my efforts. I am very grateful, and I'm sure getting water($) now is much easier than buying a case of formula ($$$$) LOL!!

By Wednesday I think this round of pumped milk will be ready for my sisters deep freezer....yippeee!

Happy cows don't come from California......They are right here in the Bronx!!!! =^_^=

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Over It

My fear of food.......

The time is here, Hana bear is ready to really eat! I mean this is no slight interest in maybe seeing what it is exactly I'm putting my mouth. Yesterday, at the dinner table, as I passed out the plates of food my little Hana began to get fuss fuss fussy from up high in her chair! She glanced around with a look of worry on her cute little face. It seems she fully expected to be served as well! LOL! As`I sat down to eat she started to cry and that's when I got up, opened the hated carton of oatmeal, and made her some cereal & breastmilk. I barely had a chance to pick up my fork because she wanted me to keep the food coming at such a crazy pace that I thought for a second to just give her the milk and cereal in a cup to drink down. In a flash-she was done and still being ms fussy pants. As the rest of my family looked on at her in amazement I looked down at my own plate, and then I knew what I had to do...

Gone!......off went a portion of my homemade mashed potatoes. They were lovingly received buy my little "hungry Hana". She loved the fact that the taters had texture. She moved her mouth in a chewing motion and furrowed her brow intently. Then out of a food filled stupor....she smiled! My princess loves food! I think I'm soo over being afraid of my bunny eating. This just gives me more of a reason to enlist the help of the BabyCook
. I have baby carrots that I picked up in the supermarket that just may end up being on the menu for her tomorrow.

(Yen can cook.....even for a baby) =^_^=
(If you know about Yen...you know the show was cool)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back Together Again....

After a short separation I am back together with Medela.

Pumping & water seems to be the key for me to get "extra milk" out. Maybe I have been dehydrated but it seems that the additional liquids are helping. Today I've been able to pump out about 8oz, over three sessions 2/6:30/11:20am. From about 1pm I will pump about every 2 1/2 hours until I go to bed (unless I have to run errands).

I feeling very hopeful people! There is also about an oz or so I can get out after Hana is done drinking! Maybe I can get back to a point where I can replace the milk I "withdrew" from my stored stash of frozen milk......

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Cow's Wish

Any shooting stars nearby??

I guess it serves me right to have this underproduction issue. I abandoned my trusty breast pump a while back in exchange for more sleep. I complained of random leaks, and about the lack of storage space in my freezer for the milk. Bad milkin' mama!! bad! This is what you get for being a cry baby.

Ok, that's the end of my sadness, since I'm into solving problems, I am up to the desperate task of finding my lost milk. So far I have been pumping every 3 hours, drinking water and every other liquid I can find. I'm not taking the galactagogues yet (I just hate medicine), but If the water and pumping don't help by the end of this week, down the hatch they go. "Aunt Flo" is still on vacation...yay! I'm glad that I dont have to worry about that right now. Maybe it's not hormones?.....I'm thinking stress......anyway..

So far I think the milk production is beginning to pick up again (check out the picture!) a bit. I pumped this morning and got 4oz! out of one breast!.......the other one the baby drained and went back to sleep :( there was nothing extra left over from that boob.

Here is a site I was checking out, reading up on milkin' herbs..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Semi - Wordless Wednesday: Food & Hana

We are "taco heads"
Our latest favorite dish in the MooMoo household =^_^=

Hana FINALLY sleeps in her crib.
(she rolls from tummy to back, but I still put her down on her back, this is how she rolled)

Late Night & New Look

Making it rain.......

In an effort to bring my milk supply back to comfortable levels I have been up in the early am pumping. Last night I only got four ounces out after a whole night of pumping. I did nurse Hana throughout the night so maybe she drank the majority.....I hope! While being up, I also found some time to change up the look of my page. I could not find any template that I wanted to use so I just made one. Hope it looks ok......

Anyway......I spoke with my LC today and told me to drink more water, nurse, pump, rest, and if that does not help in a few days, I should consider taking "Fenugreek". I'm going to GNC tomorrow to see if they carry it. I was also told that the decrease in supply could be due to the impending "aunt flow's" return. BOOOO! I like being cycle free. I hope that's not the case.

So far I have not needed to defrost much of my store. I'm only just staying ever so slightly ahead of Hana's demands.

Let's pray for the return of the rainy season.......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outta My Head Onto Paper

I found this cool site where you can order your blog printed out and book bound! This is exactly what I have been looking for and the whole reason I started my first blog "Awaiting Baby". It was something I decided to create earlier this year to chronicle my pregnancy. I wanted to have all my feelings down on paper, so I could look back on them, and share them with my Daughter someday,

I ordered the hard cover book over the soft cover because I want it to last and not worry about the cover ripping or getting bent. Above is a preview of one of the book sections.

Writing that blog was really something that helped me get through the hardships and woes of pregnancy. It is also nice to look back on all the wonderful stages I went through to get to the point where I had my new baby in my arms. Good, bad, and in the middle, the blog was a great experience and I can't wait to see it all printed out.

I think I will make a few books. .....
  • Once my breastfeeding journey is completed, I will definitely make a "Milk Book"
  • A cookbook for my cookin' mama blog
  • and a picture book for my birth story & and another to chronicle my girls first year of life
  • and maybe lots more LOL!!
I'm trying www.viovio.com for my photo books, and blog2print for the blog books. I hear viovio has good prices for the photo books.

Desert Bovine

I want to begin my first post of the year on an up note,

  • My family is alive and well,
  • My LO is working hard to sit up without using her hands,
  • I made a new head bow
Now some not so good posting......

Inside I'm crying.......

The drought continues...and I am going to cry. Last night I don't think I made much milk. My LO was fussing at BOTH empty breast until thank god, I had a bit of "let down". Just enough to fill her up I guess, but she did have to drink from both sides to get what little it was. I hate to equate body parts to food but a comparison to flap jacks is what comes to mind. That's how empty they were.

This morning the girls look a bit better, but I can tell there is not much milk in them. I fed Hana twice already, and she was pulling and fussing all the way. Maybe I should have gone to church today....tired and all so I could pray about it. I was told by a friend that the "decrease could be due to hormonal changes. This may be a dramatic decrease, or it may be gradual". My sister say's that "maybe BF'ing is making me loose too much weight, and my body decreased in milk making because of the weight loss" All this guessing is driving me nuts, which in turn stresses me out and could be hurting my milk supply even more.

I am going to go to my ob/gyn's office tomorrow and consult with the LC. Maybe even have the doctor test my hormones for some imbalance .....anything to get to the root of my problem.

For today, I am going to dip into my freezer stash and defrost some milk for tonight's feedings. I am also going to drink as much water as I can stand and try to nurse Hana more.


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