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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Late Night & New Look

Making it rain.......

In an effort to bring my milk supply back to comfortable levels I have been up in the early am pumping. Last night I only got four ounces out after a whole night of pumping. I did nurse Hana throughout the night so maybe she drank the majority.....I hope! While being up, I also found some time to change up the look of my page. I could not find any template that I wanted to use so I just made one. Hope it looks ok......

Anyway......I spoke with my LC today and told me to drink more water, nurse, pump, rest, and if that does not help in a few days, I should consider taking "Fenugreek". I'm going to GNC tomorrow to see if they carry it. I was also told that the decrease in supply could be due to the impending "aunt flow's" return. BOOOO! I like being cycle free. I hope that's not the case.

So far I have not needed to defrost much of my store. I'm only just staying ever so slightly ahead of Hana's demands.

Let's pray for the return of the rainy season.......

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