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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Desert Bovine

I want to begin my first post of the year on an up note,

  • My family is alive and well,
  • My LO is working hard to sit up without using her hands,
  • I made a new head bow
Now some not so good posting......

Inside I'm crying.......

The drought continues...and I am going to cry. Last night I don't think I made much milk. My LO was fussing at BOTH empty breast until thank god, I had a bit of "let down". Just enough to fill her up I guess, but she did have to drink from both sides to get what little it was. I hate to equate body parts to food but a comparison to flap jacks is what comes to mind. That's how empty they were.

This morning the girls look a bit better, but I can tell there is not much milk in them. I fed Hana twice already, and she was pulling and fussing all the way. Maybe I should have gone to church today....tired and all so I could pray about it. I was told by a friend that the "decrease could be due to hormonal changes. This may be a dramatic decrease, or it may be gradual". My sister say's that "maybe BF'ing is making me loose too much weight, and my body decreased in milk making because of the weight loss" All this guessing is driving me nuts, which in turn stresses me out and could be hurting my milk supply even more.

I am going to go to my ob/gyn's office tomorrow and consult with the LC. Maybe even have the doctor test my hormones for some imbalance .....anything to get to the root of my problem.

For today, I am going to dip into my freezer stash and defrost some milk for tonight's feedings. I am also going to drink as much water as I can stand and try to nurse Hana more.

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