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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging With A Purpose: staying on track

Blogging on substance....

It's mid-January and I wanted to step back and take a long hard look at my blogs. I'm not just talking about looks here (though I must admit I do like a good looking page), I'm talking about the "meat & potatoes" ..... the real reason I blog.

It's been almost a year since I first began capturing my life via blog. My reasons for creating those first entries were purely for personal self expression. I was beginning the second trimester in my pregnancy and felt tremendous tension about everything that was going on in my life. I used writing as a way to focus on the good, ......get it out of my head and to a place where I could revisit it later. I wanted to remember everything about the wonderful miracle that was growing inside of me, enjoy the journey if you will. Sometimes when we are going through trying times, the gray can mute the colors. Blogging had in turn become a filter. As I look back and read my baby blog (http://sunbaby09.blogspot.com/) I become more and more grateful I had the courage to write it. Every post takes me back to that exact moment in time...., only now I can smile just a little bit wider.

Once I gave birth to my little one, I ended my first blog. However I felt I still had something to express. As planned, I began my third trip down the breastfeeding isle. the previous two times I entered into bf'ing I didn't have all the help, tools, and support I have this time around. My family was not used to seeing anyone breastfeed, store milk or anything else. With my first son it was so lonely. I felt like I had three heads! The second time in was a bit better. I had a little support from my sons dad and the rest of my family, although no one could offer any advise or info tidbits. Back then I was not into going online because I didn't own my own computer.....nor was I nearly as competent as I am now. Ohhhh the information I could have used........instead of 7 or 8 months I think I could have nursed for a full year. I had the wrong pump, didn't get enough time at work, and just overall was in serious need of knowledge......or at least someone to really talk to about it. Never the less I did it.....and I must say for what it was......it was a success!

Now it's lucky number 3 time and I have some experience under my belt, but like each pregnancy & child this time is very different.

Here is where my "MooMoo Mama"blog comes in. Armed with the handy advice of lactation consultants, fellow baby bloggers, increased family support, and friendly chit chat, I sprinted down the lactation path right out of the gate. Laptop in tow I chronicle my ups, downs and sideways of being a exclusively bf'ing mama. Honestly I feel that unlike my last blog where I engaged in writing as a way to keep track of the good and wrangle a scrapbook at the same time, I now blog to keep motivated. I blog to stay on track and as a way to self encourage. If I've ever given off the impression that breastfeeding is fun please call me a big fat liar!!

The only thing about breastfeeding that keeps me going is knowing that I'm giving my baby the best, FREE, most perfect food I can give (and maybe the little smiles you get after the baby nips you with her new tooth, looks up, then giggles at your yelp of pain).
Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE bf'ing, But let's be real.....it is WORK. Everyday I work at keeping up my supply, pumping, storing, ect... and some mamas have even more bf'ing blocks to tear down. it's a commitment, but I think of all the other things I have committed myself to doing, and this is worth wayyyy more. We have all logged loads of hours to employers, why not invest in our kids nutrition.??? I guess most of all I am grateful just for the ability to be able to breastfeed and do it with a fair amount of success.

So I ask you....

What are your reasons for blogging? Mine are not glamorous or filled with freebies, they are not chock full of expert advise, or voted most popular, they don't appeal to the masses or ignite a song in your soul. They are just the reasons of a mom who is learning something new about the world and herself everyday. Pushing the limits of what I've done, moving to discover other things I have the ability to do. My milk.....the reason I blog?? Maybe, but I also blog to share my experience with others....to connect, to encourage myself, and most of all to express.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned..... I have lots more to share.


Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

I love how your blog talks about the awesomeness of breastfeeding!! You said the same reasons why I also chose to breastfeed. It's the BEST for baby. =)

-Mayra from BBC

Sunflower mom said...


I appreciate all the support from my BBC moms! Thanks for following too! I wish you success in your breastfeeding journey as well :)

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