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Friday, January 29, 2010

Contain me!

An old (no so ugly) issue has reappeared!

Getting ready to pump yesterday, I realized that I am bag-less! In all honesty I have not gone out to buy nor have I gone online to order anymore milk storage bags. I've been making due with the set of Medela storage bottles I have. At the six month mark I find myself not wanting to buy more of the Lansinoh bags. When I defrosted the first of my stash last month during my period of low productivity, to my dissapointment a good amount of them had holes! I'm talking 1/3 here. At this point whenever I do defrost a bag, I cut the entire bag off of the frozen milk and resume the defrost in a clean glass container. Yes I'm having trust issues,,,,,,, In a ME exclusive .......I am going to write to the company to let them know about the issue I am having. I have a large stash, but would still hate to loose any new additions to bag leaks.

What do I do in the interim while I search for my next storage soloution? Well so far I've been using the regular bottles. That's not helping much because I don't have too many to begin with.

Yes I know......to target I go.......or maybe I go up to the baby depot.

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