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Monday, January 25, 2010

Once bitten twice sore.......

I'm a little chew toy tall and slim.....LOL

Ok, I changed the words...but I'm not lying.......I am a chew toy now =^_^=
My little Hana has no teeth to speak of yet, but that is not stopping her from practicing on my oh so tender breast. In between blowing raspberries and "talking" her butt off my little girl is chewing up a storm! She is munching on everything in sight.

toys on her jumper---chewed,munched, chewed again.
her stuffed animals---chewed & slobbered.
my hair and clothes---slobbered on.
her clothes & bibs---soaked.
her teething rings---appropriately eaten
last but most munched is my poor girls.......ouch!

I am really afraid of the thought of her getting her first tooth. Since she likes to bite I know those cute little pegs spell big pain for me.

I remember the advise I got from the LC seven years ago when I nursed my son Ryan, They say that's it's not a good idea to scream when you baby bites you, and if you do then it's like rewarding your baby with a reaction, therefore the behavior continues, I could not do it then and I cant do it now.....

Biting hurts!!

As soon as I figure out how to scream on the inside I'll have this non-rewarding thing down.

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