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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Cow's Wish

Any shooting stars nearby??

I guess it serves me right to have this underproduction issue. I abandoned my trusty breast pump a while back in exchange for more sleep. I complained of random leaks, and about the lack of storage space in my freezer for the milk. Bad milkin' mama!! bad! This is what you get for being a cry baby.

Ok, that's the end of my sadness, since I'm into solving problems, I am up to the desperate task of finding my lost milk. So far I have been pumping every 3 hours, drinking water and every other liquid I can find. I'm not taking the galactagogues yet (I just hate medicine), but If the water and pumping don't help by the end of this week, down the hatch they go. "Aunt Flo" is still on vacation...yay! I'm glad that I dont have to worry about that right now. Maybe it's not hormones?.....I'm thinking stress......anyway..

So far I think the milk production is beginning to pick up again (check out the picture!) a bit. I pumped this morning and got 4oz! out of one breast!.......the other one the baby drained and went back to sleep :( there was nothing extra left over from that boob.

Here is a site I was checking out, reading up on milkin' herbs..

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