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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milk'n Menu

Water with those potatoes......

Today was a good day. It was the first time my little Hana sat up in the high chair at a restaurant. I never had such a well behaved baby at a eatery before! My two boys were always big fussers whenever we ate out.....

We began dinner with a high chair and a dream. After getting settled in I went rummaging in the diaper bag, and to my dismay, I FORGOT THE BOTTLE!!! As my hand continued to prowl the depths of my diaper bag my mind flashed back to the kitchen counter where I last remembered having the bottle of newly defrosted milk and the clean nuby sippy cup. As I came to grips with my "oops moment" I quickly gave the waiter my order and also requested a baked potato for Hana. While things settled down at our table, I decided to just go ahead and nurse the baby before the food got there, that way she would be sated and we all could eat without too much fuss. As if on cue Hana finished up right before the food came out and made it's way around the table. Like a darling big girl, I placed her right back in the restaurant high chair and she looked all around smiled and played with her hands.

I am so proud of her.....she sat there so patiently after her nursing, as the food was passed she only banged the table a few times as if reminding us that she was fully expecting to be served as well....... (she was).

I requested a small bowl and spoon to use for mashing up the baked tater I ordered for the baby. After I mashed, the potato consistency was still too thick for Hana to safely eat, so I ordered some water to thin them out a bit. That did the trick, because my sunflower ate them all up (such a hungry little cutie).

From there the remainder of dinner was a breeze. Everything was soo nice. Better than I expected. Next time I'll remember the milk,...and I'll bring Hana some food from home. =^_^=

Right now I'm sitting on my couch typing this and Hana is "blowing raspberries" all on my keyboard....I think it's time for bed.



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