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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Over It

My fear of food.......

The time is here, Hana bear is ready to really eat! I mean this is no slight interest in maybe seeing what it is exactly I'm putting my mouth. Yesterday, at the dinner table, as I passed out the plates of food my little Hana began to get fuss fuss fussy from up high in her chair! She glanced around with a look of worry on her cute little face. It seems she fully expected to be served as well! LOL! As`I sat down to eat she started to cry and that's when I got up, opened the hated carton of oatmeal, and made her some cereal & breastmilk. I barely had a chance to pick up my fork because she wanted me to keep the food coming at such a crazy pace that I thought for a second to just give her the milk and cereal in a cup to drink down. In a flash-she was done and still being ms fussy pants. As the rest of my family looked on at her in amazement I looked down at my own plate, and then I knew what I had to do...

Gone!......off went a portion of my homemade mashed potatoes. They were lovingly received buy my little "hungry Hana". She loved the fact that the taters had texture. She moved her mouth in a chewing motion and furrowed her brow intently. Then out of a food filled stupor....she smiled! My princess loves food! I think I'm soo over being afraid of my bunny eating. This just gives me more of a reason to enlist the help of the BabyCook
. I have baby carrots that I picked up in the supermarket that just may end up being on the menu for her tomorrow.

(Yen can cook.....even for a baby) =^_^=
(If you know about Yen...you know the show was cool)

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