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Friday, February 26, 2010

Stealing Solids!

Just a tidbit......

As I ate my breakfast today, little Hana grabbed a chunk of my pancakes and stuffed it into her mouth.....smiling all the way. I can't believe she ate it all up. Here I am feeding her the equivalent of stage 2 food, and she is completely and obviously able to handle lumpier foods LOL! At the end of my meal, she even managed to wiggle her little fingers into the leftover syrup, lick it off and laugh her butt off with a cute sense of accomplishment!

OT - White-out!

Old man winter......

Another nor'easter! geez....I kinda like snow, but only once or twice a season. Today was bad! Sleet, snow, sleet, fluffy snow! Here is the view from where I sit (it's becoming quite common this winter). I hated having to go out into the wet mess, but some things just can't wait any longer. Hana didn't seem to mind getting her face wet, but I had to quickly cover her up. any-who...yeah ....here is the view!

2/26 in the am!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Contain Me Well

working out.....

The Medela containers I bought are doing ok. I have not had any of them leak so far, and I guess them being hard plastic cups helps...lol. They have a handy twist on lid and stack up nicely. This week I have been pumping a lot trying to push my production up so I can rebuild my stash. But then I think......for what reason?? Maybe I can store it in the fridge for a few days .....but then I'll need to start freezing the rest of the new milk...I'm still am not sure how freezing this round will go over with my little one, but I have to try.

While being cared for she was offered milk that had been in deep freeze for 5 months, and then a bottle that was frozen last month. I know they all were good because I took great care in making sure I stored it properly. But even with checking the defrosted milk...She wanted none of them...*sigh* I don't know what to do. Today I made an extra 6oz of milk. I am going to take my chances with freezing it. We will see what happens in a few weeks.

If all else fails .....Maybe I can disguise it in her food or something. At worst I will donate the new milk I store in the cup containers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wasted Milk

SHE WILL NOT DRINK ANY OF MY FROZEN MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to leave Hana with a relative this week and the reports I got were horrid......Now, I know that she has some separation anxiety issues going on, but I don't think that is why she was so upset. When I left her she had her favorite snacks and food to munch on, toys to play with ect. I also left her with an ample amount of frozen and defrosted milk. She didn't drink much of it. At first it was thought that she didn't want the bottle, and that it was the reason she was not drinking the milk so a cup was tried. She accepted a small amount but continued crying. Long story short, she starved until I got back! My poor baby.

As soon as I got her home I tested the theory by offering her some of the milk I pumped out just a few hours prior to our reunion. She not only drank from the bottle....BUT SHE SUCKED THE MILK DOWN FAST! and that's after I had already nursed her!

I don't know what I will do if she refuses to drink from my stash....I have soooo much milk frozen. It's over 1500 oz!! What's more distressing is that I am going to work in a few weeks and will not have the stash that I worked so hard on for back up. I have six more months of nursing to go and this happens.....*sigh*, I guess I have to start from scratch, but I'm not over producing like I used to. Another worry is that if I do manage to make extra milk, I may not be able to freeze the stuff because then she may not drink it! ugggh!!! Help Me...

Friday, February 19, 2010

The appointment that wasn't

Ok, so we got called......

But in the regular order LOL! Everything went well.....my big boy met with the pediatrician first,and it turns out my concern about his eczema flair up was wrong.....so wrong. The doctor say's he doesn't even have eczema! Just that he licks his lips too much and he has a moist ear....easily remedied with bacitracin and Vaseline. Whatever....I'll try it and if it keeps bothering him I'm going to let the doc know. As for miss missy....We decided to postpone her 6 month shots. I was reading up on vaccinations and long story short, we're waiting a little longer. The doctor decided to see her in about 3 weeks instead. Oh...and god bless!...I managed not to get a ticket today (there is always a issue with parking by the doctors office and it usually ends with a parking fine for me).

Afterwords, I headed to target to buy some baby things. I am always surprised at how much time fly's by when you're shopping in that place. I picked up a few cute spring outfits and toys for Hana. Breast milk containers were also among the winners of my shopping trip, as was those tasty puff treats Hana loves so much (I had to buy more because my 2 year old nephew came to my house and spilled the baby's snacks onto the floor).

As you may know...I decided to begin buying the hard plastic (bpa-free of course) containers to store milk in. I ordered them online but I have not received them yet, so I just went out into the real world to buy them....couldn't wait any longer. I settled on the Philips AVENT BPA Free VIA. I Hope these work better for me than the leaky bags. If not them I'm going to try the trays (those ice cube things).

Mobile Me - Dr Moo

so we're here..........

Anytime now the doctor is going to call on us for Hana's turn to be examined. I am excited to see on paper how much she has grown! She has gotten so big since her last appointment and she is doing many more things than before. I could have even swore she cried out "mommy" twice this week! No one thinks i'm crazy because she did it in front of the boys and once in front of her dad! I'm still waiting for the magic moment when she full on crawles , but it's quite possible that she could skip that all together and just go to walking.......

While we continue to wait our turn, I would also like to tell you why I like THIS doctors office so much........ They always offer me a private nursing room while I wait. So far that has been a huge help and I no longer pack bottles for our trip. However......this partly sunny day I declined and decided to nurse right here in the sparsely occupied general waiting area. Yeah ...... I'm trying to be a brave nursing mama. , or maybe I hope they get all freaked out and call us faster lol!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mobile Me - Nursing Necklace

Have you ever heard of nursing necklaces?

Without my usual research I'm guessing it's something moms put around their necks while nursing baby.
My little girl may need one. She loves to reach up and pull anything that is on my face or around my neck
when she is nursing. She pulls on my clothes, earings, and yes........even my hair! ouch! If it's priced reasonably I think I'm going to give it a shot.

Well now I'm wondering what these "nursing necklaces" are made of. Glass maybe? I don't know......it could be plastic too but then it would have to be bpa-free ect...... If anything they would have to be strong since little babies have very strong grips and can rip earings and standard necklaces right off a moms neck. Maybe it would also be something shiny to attract babys attention. Who knows? I guess I'll have to research it after all.

Something Had to Give

neglectful me........

So..... It has come to my attention by way of a IM from old friend in DJ (dirty jersey...that's what he calls it) that I have not updated this blog in the proper manner for some time now....and "Wordless Wednesday" is good, but the rest of the week is in need of some "word-full" updates. I believe the words used were....."you're starting to neglect your blog". Just reproducing these words onto my blog is causing me great feelings of contrition.

Have I really not updated my blog with the true goings-on of my little one? Have I failed to post amusing tales of my breastfeeding experiences? Have I been THAT side tracked by everything that is going on,.... to the extent as not to make some MooMoo Mama time? Well if there is any truth to that claim I plan to turn that around ......NOW.

First thing first, Me and my little girl have been spending some super serious quality time together. Ok...I'm making it sound like we've been getting mama/baby mani-pedi's lol, as much as I wish it was all fun time, it's not. I think my LO is going through some early.... or age appropriate (not sure which) stranger anxiety. She has a very strong need to be (at the very least) near me at ALL times. So much so that it's getting really hard for me to get even a small break.

Next, Things have not improved as far as the sleep nursing goes. I am a chicken-punk (I made this term up for someone who made up a vulgar but hilarious term last week......you know who you are LOL) I admitted it, enjoy.......but I can't stand the thought of Hana crying alone in her crib, or next to me....little arms reaching out for her mama, only to be met with a cold silicone replacement. I tried several times this week to slip her the paci at night but this dubious ruse is failing. I don't know what else to do. Maybe my fellow mommies from BBC can give me a few ideas that work.

Also, I've been up to my ears in recent personal issues that have sprang up. Lot's of life changes , but hopefully and ultimately they will be for the better. I've always been a "change baby" along with a few other things (Read the "Aries me" section (& maybe find my rant on "Experience Project")........truer words have never been written, they are spot on!). I'm also NOT afraid to make a change when things are just not working for me........but of course if they pertain to my Hana and her night nursing...I repeat "chicken-punk" again...lol.

Speaking of not working.....those Lansinoh bags are STILL leaking!! They will never again grace my shopping cart. I'm starting to doubt that ANY storage bag out there has a record of ZERO leaks! Whatever!........, I'm waiting for my set of extra bottles in the mail. That should take care of my storage needs.

Eating.....My little Hana is finally eating different things. Last week I bought her the baby bitter biscuits, and the Gerber graduates puffs. To say she loves them is an understatement. When she was halfway done with the biscuit a small piece broke off in her mouth.......I almost had a fit, and went searching for it in her little cheeks. She returned my panicked face with a quizzical one of her own. Turns out she quickly gummed that broken off piece into a soggy paste and it was gone. Dad laughed and told me I was a fool (it seems he is quite confident in Hana's ability to chew), I being the worry wort mom need to hover and stand ready to pounce at a moments sign of trouble,......and you know what........I'm ok with that. Aside from the little snacks, on the menu for my sunflower has been applesauce, turkey, chicken, pears, freshly blended spinach & rice, and a few teeny tiny licks of the red bean ice cream I bought home. All managed with no teeth to speak of yet.....wow....just wow.

We are still in month six of my LO's life so we all know what that means......the dreaded 6 month doctor appointment!! dun..dun.DUUUUNN! It's going to happen later on this week and I will definitely keep you .....my readers posted!

Thanks for passing by........again
Keep on coming back....ya hear!

Thursday, February 11, 2010



I just wanted to share a site I found in my Internet travels. Never have I come across such addictive reading since the good old days of reading my big sisters diary ;-)

It's called Experience Project and has all kinds uses. Personally I'm thinking of using it for it's online diary feature. I know....I know...If you maintain a blog, It's supposed to be like a diary of sorts, but sometimes you have a rant or two that you don't wish to mar or bore your usual readers with, or maybe it's just too off topic and not in the spirit of your blogs purpose. Anyway for what it's worth check it out, and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sleep Nursing....Not

Why is nursing while sleep keeping me up?

6 months into co-sleeping and I'm not the one sleeping here. I am starting to really regret not being successful at introducing a paci to my little one. I am going a bit bonkers from the lack of truly restful sleep. I know...I know.... I should not expect to sleep while my little baby is still so little, but I think I need to try something else here. At first I was concerned about my milk (having the baby do all his or her sucking at the breast helps to establish and maintain milk supply), but now that it's here and hopefully to stay I'm looking for help.

Also I have gotten away from giving my daughter bottles. I know it was a bad move....but since we're rarely ever separated lately, There has just been no need to give her one. Nursing on the go is almost completely not an issue anymore and I actually feel proud to do it. BUT...BUT...BUT... I'm thinking of giving her bottles of expressed milk at night for sleeping purposes.

That's it for now....If I think of any other good ideas to pass the paci job onto a real pacifier...I'll keep you posted.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mommy Down

Lots to share.

But I can't, I've burned my hand very badly so I will not be posting until I can type again. This one hand thing sucks and takes forever.


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