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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Something Had to Give

neglectful me........

So..... It has come to my attention by way of a IM from old friend in DJ (dirty jersey...that's what he calls it) that I have not updated this blog in the proper manner for some time now....and "Wordless Wednesday" is good, but the rest of the week is in need of some "word-full" updates. I believe the words used were....."you're starting to neglect your blog". Just reproducing these words onto my blog is causing me great feelings of contrition.

Have I really not updated my blog with the true goings-on of my little one? Have I failed to post amusing tales of my breastfeeding experiences? Have I been THAT side tracked by everything that is going on,.... to the extent as not to make some MooMoo Mama time? Well if there is any truth to that claim I plan to turn that around ......NOW.

First thing first, Me and my little girl have been spending some super serious quality time together. Ok...I'm making it sound like we've been getting mama/baby mani-pedi's lol, as much as I wish it was all fun time, it's not. I think my LO is going through some early.... or age appropriate (not sure which) stranger anxiety. She has a very strong need to be (at the very least) near me at ALL times. So much so that it's getting really hard for me to get even a small break.

Next, Things have not improved as far as the sleep nursing goes. I am a chicken-punk (I made this term up for someone who made up a vulgar but hilarious term last week......you know who you are LOL) I admitted it, enjoy.......but I can't stand the thought of Hana crying alone in her crib, or next to me....little arms reaching out for her mama, only to be met with a cold silicone replacement. I tried several times this week to slip her the paci at night but this dubious ruse is failing. I don't know what else to do. Maybe my fellow mommies from BBC can give me a few ideas that work.

Also, I've been up to my ears in recent personal issues that have sprang up. Lot's of life changes , but hopefully and ultimately they will be for the better. I've always been a "change baby" along with a few other things (Read the "Aries me" section (& maybe find my rant on "Experience Project")........truer words have never been written, they are spot on!). I'm also NOT afraid to make a change when things are just not working for me........but of course if they pertain to my Hana and her night nursing...I repeat "chicken-punk" again...lol.

Speaking of not working.....those Lansinoh bags are STILL leaking!! They will never again grace my shopping cart. I'm starting to doubt that ANY storage bag out there has a record of ZERO leaks! Whatever!........, I'm waiting for my set of extra bottles in the mail. That should take care of my storage needs.

Eating.....My little Hana is finally eating different things. Last week I bought her the baby bitter biscuits, and the Gerber graduates puffs. To say she loves them is an understatement. When she was halfway done with the biscuit a small piece broke off in her mouth.......I almost had a fit, and went searching for it in her little cheeks. She returned my panicked face with a quizzical one of her own. Turns out she quickly gummed that broken off piece into a soggy paste and it was gone. Dad laughed and told me I was a fool (it seems he is quite confident in Hana's ability to chew), I being the worry wort mom need to hover and stand ready to pounce at a moments sign of trouble,......and you know what........I'm ok with that. Aside from the little snacks, on the menu for my sunflower has been applesauce, turkey, chicken, pears, freshly blended spinach & rice, and a few teeny tiny licks of the red bean ice cream I bought home. All managed with no teeth to speak of yet.....wow....just wow.

We are still in month six of my LO's life so we all know what that means......the dreaded 6 month doctor appointment!! dun..dun.DUUUUNN! It's going to happen later on this week and I will definitely keep you .....my readers posted!

Thanks for passing by........again
Keep on coming back....ya hear!

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