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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Contain Me Well

working out.....

The Medela containers I bought are doing ok. I have not had any of them leak so far, and I guess them being hard plastic cups helps...lol. They have a handy twist on lid and stack up nicely. This week I have been pumping a lot trying to push my production up so I can rebuild my stash. But then I think......for what reason?? Maybe I can store it in the fridge for a few days .....but then I'll need to start freezing the rest of the new milk...I'm still am not sure how freezing this round will go over with my little one, but I have to try.

While being cared for she was offered milk that had been in deep freeze for 5 months, and then a bottle that was frozen last month. I know they all were good because I took great care in making sure I stored it properly. But even with checking the defrosted milk...She wanted none of them...*sigh* I don't know what to do. Today I made an extra 6oz of milk. I am going to take my chances with freezing it. We will see what happens in a few weeks.

If all else fails .....Maybe I can disguise it in her food or something. At worst I will donate the new milk I store in the cup containers.

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KimMommyof4 said...

BBC Mom here! I use these containers too! they work well for me, however I don't freeze my milk so I can't comment on the way they work in the freezer.

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