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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mobile Me - Dr Moo

so we're here..........

Anytime now the doctor is going to call on us for Hana's turn to be examined. I am excited to see on paper how much she has grown! She has gotten so big since her last appointment and she is doing many more things than before. I could have even swore she cried out "mommy" twice this week! No one thinks i'm crazy because she did it in front of the boys and once in front of her dad! I'm still waiting for the magic moment when she full on crawles , but it's quite possible that she could skip that all together and just go to walking.......

While we continue to wait our turn, I would also like to tell you why I like THIS doctors office so much........ They always offer me a private nursing room while I wait. So far that has been a huge help and I no longer pack bottles for our trip. However......this partly sunny day I declined and decided to nurse right here in the sparsely occupied general waiting area. Yeah ...... I'm trying to be a brave nursing mama. , or maybe I hope they get all freaked out and call us faster lol!

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