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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sleep Nursing....Not

Why is nursing while sleep keeping me up?

6 months into co-sleeping and I'm not the one sleeping here. I am starting to really regret not being successful at introducing a paci to my little one. I am going a bit bonkers from the lack of truly restful sleep. I know...I know.... I should not expect to sleep while my little baby is still so little, but I think I need to try something else here. At first I was concerned about my milk (having the baby do all his or her sucking at the breast helps to establish and maintain milk supply), but now that it's here and hopefully to stay I'm looking for help.

Also I have gotten away from giving my daughter bottles. I know it was a bad move....but since we're rarely ever separated lately, There has just been no need to give her one. Nursing on the go is almost completely not an issue anymore and I actually feel proud to do it. BUT...BUT...BUT... I'm thinking of giving her bottles of expressed milk at night for sleeping purposes.

That's it for now....If I think of any other good ideas to pass the paci job onto a real pacifier...I'll keep you posted.


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