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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wasted Milk

SHE WILL NOT DRINK ANY OF MY FROZEN MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to leave Hana with a relative this week and the reports I got were horrid......Now, I know that she has some separation anxiety issues going on, but I don't think that is why she was so upset. When I left her she had her favorite snacks and food to munch on, toys to play with ect. I also left her with an ample amount of frozen and defrosted milk. She didn't drink much of it. At first it was thought that she didn't want the bottle, and that it was the reason she was not drinking the milk so a cup was tried. She accepted a small amount but continued crying. Long story short, she starved until I got back! My poor baby.

As soon as I got her home I tested the theory by offering her some of the milk I pumped out just a few hours prior to our reunion. She not only drank from the bottle....BUT SHE SUCKED THE MILK DOWN FAST! and that's after I had already nursed her!

I don't know what I will do if she refuses to drink from my stash....I have soooo much milk frozen. It's over 1500 oz!! What's more distressing is that I am going to work in a few weeks and will not have the stash that I worked so hard on for back up. I have six more months of nursing to go and this happens.....*sigh*, I guess I have to start from scratch, but I'm not over producing like I used to. Another worry is that if I do manage to make extra milk, I may not be able to freeze the stuff because then she may not drink it! ugggh!!! Help Me...

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