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Friday, February 26, 2010

OT - White-out!

Old man winter......

Another nor'easter! geez....I kinda like snow, but only once or twice a season. Today was bad! Sleet, snow, sleet, fluffy snow! Here is the view from where I sit (it's becoming quite common this winter). I hated having to go out into the wet mess, but some things just can't wait any longer. Hana didn't seem to mind getting her face wet, but I had to quickly cover her up. any-who...yeah ....here is the view!

2/26 in the am!

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MooMoo Mama said...

ok...it's officially been more than a year since i've seen real snow!!! I kinda miss it...but only for the cozy hot chocolate..not for the diging out of my car...lol.

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