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Friday, February 19, 2010

The appointment that wasn't

Ok, so we got called......

But in the regular order LOL! Everything went well.....my big boy met with the pediatrician first,and it turns out my concern about his eczema flair up was wrong.....so wrong. The doctor say's he doesn't even have eczema! Just that he licks his lips too much and he has a moist ear....easily remedied with bacitracin and Vaseline. Whatever....I'll try it and if it keeps bothering him I'm going to let the doc know. As for miss missy....We decided to postpone her 6 month shots. I was reading up on vaccinations and long story short, we're waiting a little longer. The doctor decided to see her in about 3 weeks instead. Oh...and god bless!...I managed not to get a ticket today (there is always a issue with parking by the doctors office and it usually ends with a parking fine for me).

Afterwords, I headed to target to buy some baby things. I am always surprised at how much time fly's by when you're shopping in that place. I picked up a few cute spring outfits and toys for Hana. Breast milk containers were also among the winners of my shopping trip, as was those tasty puff treats Hana loves so much (I had to buy more because my 2 year old nephew came to my house and spilled the baby's snacks onto the floor).

As you may know...I decided to begin buying the hard plastic (bpa-free of course) containers to store milk in. I ordered them online but I have not received them yet, so I just went out into the real world to buy them....couldn't wait any longer. I settled on the Philips AVENT BPA Free VIA. I Hope these work better for me than the leaky bags. If not them I'm going to try the trays (those ice cube things).

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