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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diving into it!

Ok ....so much like my other blogs this one is late too. 7 weeks behind to be precise. I began my third journey into breastfeeding at the end of July when my little sunflower was born.

About two hours after birthing my LO, I was all settled into my hospital room. I attempted to nurse her. She latched onto the left breast with no problem, drank for a few moments then just fussed a bit. To ffwd a bit.....after many short nursing sessions around day two my milk "came-in"! Horrah! I was very excited indeed...swollen but still excited (Oh..did i mention that she refused to nurse on my right side? yeah well yeah....that is the shunned boob). So far so good?.

Ever since week one I have been bf on demand and i think that is why i have such an abundant supply......and for the most part i love it.

I am a cow.

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