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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Full Weekend!

So today, amongst other things I had a doctors appointment. I got a full exam and the flu shot. My doctor said it will help protect the baby since I'm breastfeeding. The most exciting part of the exam is when my Dr weighed me......I AM NOW SMALLER THAN BEFORE I WAS PREGNANT!!!!! I am a non whopping buck forty seven!! 147lbs! I think breastfeeding is AWESOME!!!! I can eat whatever i want and as long as i don't OD on food I'm set!! WOOO HOOOO! Pay back for all my hard work caring for my family. I highly recommend feeding the natural way if you can.

Also....I finally found some time this weekend to catch up with some friends of mine who also have had babies, and attend a birthday party. It was lots of fun....I was asked lots of questions about the baby and how long i plan to continue to BF ect... so we're going to form a bf info mini club and maybe I can convert them to the BF side....muah haa haa haa haaa.

Here are some pics of the event.

Nursing in action!

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