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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bigger Family things

This morning I received great news......I'll explain.

A few weeks ago I went to try to trade in my current 4door sedan for a suv crossover since with the new baby, there is no room for anything or anyone else in my car. I was told that because of my current at home status I would need a co-signer...BOOOOO! But I was rescued by a good friend of mine who Is going to co-sign for me because he knows that i really need the car and space for the kids. Anyway......The dealership called and told me that Honda financial is willing to finance us so it's almost a done deal!! I AM SOO VERY EXCITED, you see this car has all the connections I'll need to bring my electric breast pump on the road and more!! I guess I'll have to write via my pda about bf on the road =^_^=, I will post pictures of the car hopefully by the end of the week.

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