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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wet spots

This was a weekend of firsts. It's been a long while since I've been out on the town, well I finally got a chance to whoop it up this Saturday! It was hard to leave my little girl behind and I spent quite a bit of time at my sisters before she kicked me out the door. Once I was out the door, things began to feel a bit better......but only a bit lol. It was my first time being separated from the baby for longer than two or three hours.

First stop was to my favorite beer garden. It was as loud and alive as I remembered! Good times and even better shellfish were had before my group headed up the street to a curious place with live music, and questionable patrons. It made for some very interesting "people watching" in between our own banter of baby talk and random things. The beverages at this place was sick and gave my ex-watering hole (this place in my borough lovingly nick named OB's) a run for it's money and not in a good way. Maybe it was me and my relatively new low tolerance, but that place kicked my ass! I even danced!

Stepping out of that place on the way home I got lots of stares from the passerby's. I didn't immediately think anything of it because ....well it was the village after all, and people act weird all the time. Thankfully a member of my party looked at my chest and promptly informed me that my shirt had two big wet milk circles on it!! ......*sigh* I forgot my breast pads.........

Even with the waterfall on my chest I still had one hell of a time, with the headache to prove it! =^_^=


Vanessa G said...

LOL.... You looked great even with the stains mama. I have to drag you dancing with me and the crew, show you some real salsa moves! :)

Anonymous said...

My LC advised I not drink when I was breastfeeding, she said I could have a glass of wine on "occasion", which I do, when I have something to celebrate. sounds like you did hard liquour, isn't safe for baby.

Sunflower mom said...

VG- Thanks!I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and can't take credit for the look, the weight is falling off so fast because of breastfeeding.

Anon - Your LC is right to be cautious. I don't make it a habit of drinking, it was a special night. Most LC's agree that the alcohol is processed in the milk, like in the blood, so by the time you're completely sober the milk is safe to drink. I also learned that "pumping and dumping does not work".......yeah...lot's of research on my part LOL! =^_^= Ohh the suffrage of us moms.

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