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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rapidly Reproducing

Like bunnies,.....

After just doing my part to over populate the planet, I am beginning to think my baby's things have started to multiply on their own. The swings, bassinets, bottles, clothes, car seats, high chairs ect are beginning to take over my otherwise spacious living room. Between the things I purchased and the gifts I realize I have too much stuff. Good thing I got rid of stroller #2 before they piled up too. The only thing I wish I had more of is the breast pump and socks. My little girl is a sock kicker. She has lost over 12 socks since she was born= ^_^= . I know I am partly to blame, but I do hate turning down gifts, and feel it's rude to do so. It is a good problem to have and if I can't sell this stuff I'm thinking of donating it.

anyone know an agency that collects things for mothers in need?

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mybaby227 said...

Ask around. October is domestic violence awareness month. And alot of times those women take their children and the clothes on their backs. They are very much appreciative of anything and everything. They also accept books and unused makeup.


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