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Monday, October 12, 2009

Cream Wars

Nipple Cream.....

It's something that most of us nursing moms can't or won't live without. I've had my fair share of dry,sore,cracked nipples mainly back when I breastfed my first son. Nowadays I like to think of myself as a well informed, research driven mommy. I know..I know...many lactation "experts" will say "use a few drops of your own milk to soothe your aching nipples". That's all good and well if you have a light dryness problem, but what if a few drops of milk won't cut it? What if you need some serious "boob lube"? Enter the NIPPLE CREAM!!!

I have always swore by the lansinoh brand and have had good results, but I did get some free samples of another brand that has me thinking twice about my next "BL" purchase.

Here is what i liked about this "other brand......

Ease of application - The cream came out of the tube with little effort and the consistency made it super easy to apply to my moderately sore and dry girls.

Sooth factor - One application lasted me until my night time shower and even afterwords my girls were smooth and soft.

Olfactory pleasure - It smelled nice (vary faint scent. if that even).

I love my lansinoh...but for this one I may have to convert to Medela.

My major issue with the lanolin cream I use now is that it is too thick to get out of the tube, and forget about it now that it's cooler. I have to warm the tube before attempting to get it out.

Nipple application is just as difficult. The stuff is STICKY! Plain and simple. You have to kneed it between your thumb and forefinger before you can apply it, and even after that it spreads very unevenly. If you have sore nipples the last ting you want to do is handle them unnecessarily.

So here I go....off on another trip to target. I think we know which brand has won the battle today. Consider me converted! =^_^=

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