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Monday, October 5, 2009

Updates ......

Most of you know that I import this blog to the baby group, and that is where most of your comments and words of encouragement are left for me to respond to. It's ending up being double work for me. So I wanted to know if my reader friends on Blogger needs an invite to the baby group blog or would you rather just read the blog here, and post any comments on the other site?

Let me know. call, text, or IM me your feedback.

Also I had promised updates of some of the off topic things that are going on. Here it is

The SUV situation....

I had hoped that I everything would be finished by last Friday and I would have my car by now but there has been a glitch.........
My co-signer has a lock on his credit because he had been a victim of identity theft in the past so there are a few things he has to do before the finance company can approve us. He can also be a bit difficult, but I guess I have to deal with it in order to get this favor.

Second....the color I picked out is not going to be delivered until later this week........so they say.
Anyway I'm still very excited! Did I mention that it has an third row seating! http://automobiles.honda.com/pilot/

Next is the house......My sister is a little hesitant but I think everything is going to work out. Honestly, she does not want to spend the money on a home in the city and feels we should look a little higher up into Westchester because you can get more for your money. I, however am sold on staying in the neighborhood I currently live in.......... I see a long process here *sigh*

Baby wearing has been going well. It's a little tiring but The baby still loves it. I don't want to go crazy spending anymore money, but I want the ergo carrier as well. It's so pink and cute. Looks like it would be a good carry as well. http://www.ergobabycarriers.com/babycarriers/item/BC3HR/ I think maybe It can be a "daddy-buy" Item. Some other things on my list are

The Bebe au Lait Capri nursing cover.
The Beaba Babycook

I hope I didn't leave anything out.


Vanessa. G said...

Oh Savanna, the dress is beautiful! Daddy BETTER buy this for his princess or else I'm gonna get him!

Johanny. R said...

I'll use both ways to comment, but I like the other site better.....The dress is amazing, but Im sure you can find it for less....WAY LESS...REMEMBER.."A falta de pan, casabe, dice el pueblo".

Carlos.T said...

Nice! The pilot is huge! you will have more than enough room for your family savanna. Sorry I could not find you in the baby website....I need an invite. Send the link to my FB inbox.

Anthony said...

Don't think i will be signing into the other baby thing you have, this is easier for me. Good luck on the car, and when you get it I'll teach you how to handle that monster LOL!

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