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Friday, October 30, 2009

Milkin' Scared

I threw my first kiddie Halloween party!

In lieu of the whole "trick or treating" thing, I threw my 6 year old son a party! I have never planned and executed a kid Halloween party before, but I must say it was a success! I bought all kinds of cake, candy, treats and candy apples. The kids had a blast. I picked 4 of Ryan's friends up from school (I could have never done this in my old car) and then met 3 more at the house. It was all boys (well one friend had his little sister with him) rough housing and doing what little boys do. Needless to say it was noisy! Very.

The kids loved the decorations that my sister gave us, and indulged in the chips and soda (provided by dad) to their hearts content. everything went as planned. The only thing That went ....well not wrong..but odd, was that the kids could not stop watching the "THRILLER" video. over and over they watched MJ in high deff. It got so bad they wanted to see the "BAD" and "Billy Jean" ones too! My oldest son was laughing at them the whole time.

During the party I became swollen, but could not breastfeed because I didn't want to offend or have one of the boys go home exclaiming they saw something inappropriate. So this time I just gave the baby a bottle of BM and called it a night. There was no time for me to slip away and pump so I just suffered......and suffer I did, because when I did hit the pump...I put out about a good 7oz! Hana took care of the left side.

now I start planing Thanksgiving.......maybe I'll cook...maybe I'll go to someone's house. we'll see...

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