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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleepwear Boogie

Spending lots of time on my back........

Being knocked out by a cold/flu kinda makes you re-think your sleepwear. I've been giving my bed some serious one on one time lately trying to recover from a stuffy/runny nose, headaches, body aches, OJ inhaling illness. Aside from pulling myself up and out for some key occasions most of my time is spent in my "sick bay".

I realized something last night while trying to nurse my LO. The PJ's I had on were NOT meant to wear while feeding. They didn't pull up or down. When it came time to feed Hana I fussed with my clothes, meanwhile she got more and more impatient. In the end I just took the darn top off!! Another thing that hit me was that if I'm serious about bf'ing I am going to have to invest in some night clothes that allow for easy access to "the girls". I know......the phrase "duhh" comes to mind, but remember my baby was born in the summer, so I had the mini tank things or bare as an option.

Anywho....I have a few nursing tops that I bought sariler this year, so for tonight I'll use those, but come Friday I'm going into the city to the maternity store to see if they have anything that I can sleep & feed in. Hopefully by then I am feeling better and up for the journey.

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