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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moomoo Reading

Hana is going to read at an early age! =^_^= She loves to hear reading...

More public feedings.........

Today we're feeding at the library. On our way back from school we bumped into Ryan's old classmate (I just moved my middle son into what we call our public private school, It's awesome). After a short chat with the mother about our up coming Halloween party at my house we decided to hit the library. Ryan read his homework books and his friend did his own homework packet. The silence lasted a good 30 minuets. I could feel the crying spell coming.

1st the whimpers.....I stand up and begin walking around the library. That keeps her occupied and looking around for about ten minuets, Then BAM! she starts crying, and of course us mommies can differentiate our babies cries, so I know that it's the cry of "nurse me to sleep". That and it's around the time when she goes down (in my arms of course) for one of her afternoon naps.

I began looking around for a quiet place to sit down and feed her. I found a chair at the end of one of the isles in the adult section. We were 5 minuets into nursing before one of the librarians came over and asked me to stop because someone had come to the front to complain about what I was doing. That was very embarrassing! It's not like I was exposed or anything, I had the blanket covering the baby and me. Well anyway, I didn't want to make a scene so I got up, baby and all, said good bye to Ryan's friend's family, and left. What jerks they are at the library.

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Colocakes said...

WOW..see in Florida we are protected by the Breastfeeding laws, and can breastfeed openly without ANY cover. Hmm i would research what the laws are in your state.

But, i will tell you one thing there is NO WAY i would have ever left..i'm feeding my kid. Who cares who doesn't like it.


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"I am very blessed, I can't complain!"

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