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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cow Party!

Who knew cows could party with the best of em?

I mean that in the most loving way of course......Today I attended a party for breastfeeding mothers. It was thrown by a community organization to help us bf'ing moms connect with Lactation professionals and other moms. It was a nice treat.

The party started at 1 pm. Walking in at 1:15 sharp (lol) I was greeted by the host of the event, shown around to the different tables of foods and given a "Breastfeeding Promotion Packs" that contained lots of free samples from diapers to breast pads, to nipple cream....even milk storage bags! The speaker congratulated us on our" investment in our babies and ourselves" Saying lots of things like how "wonderful and beneficial exclusively breastfeeding is" ect... I got a chance to sit with my baby and other mothers and children to exchange bf'ing knowledge, tips, and tricks.

All in all, it was a very nice (food filled) experience. LC's are always very friendly and primed to dole out their wealth of knowledge.

Funny thing.....the men that went were all huddled in one corner chatting and eating while the ladies buzzed around the room. Every time a new husband or boyfriend came, the walked a bit with their woman and eventually ended up in the "man corner". It was very funny to see.

and yes, we all whipped out the girls with no reservations when it came time to feed the babies.....and every baby seemed to be hungry.

on a side note....it's just seems so odd to celebrate something that should be second nature. I guess somewhere in time formula took over what the norm was.

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