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Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Falls!

I just wanted to share what I read in one of the forums today. "CCTV footage captures moment pram rolls in front of train as mother looks on in horror."

It's a miracle the baby is ok. Watching this video made my heart jump into my throat

Other moms and myself would like to know what brand of stroller that was. It kept the baby safe (with god's help of course) and I would definitely make it my next stroller if I needed a replacement.

again.....what a blessing that was, baby was not harmed. It reminds me of the balloon incident that was all over tv yesterday. I prayed soo much that the kid inside the balloon would land safely. Even thou he was safe and sound at home the whole time....I'm still glad he is safe.

update----5:37pm - -just heard it may be a Phil & Ted stroller ...but it could be a rip-off look alike as well. )

update#2----5:45pm----I looked around and found the review below about the stroller on amazon.com.......Maybe this was the problem??? I retract my statement on buying this ever!

"3. the brake on this is very difficult to use...you have to lift it up or put it down with your foot, and it's a very stiff break. While it does loosen up a bit over time, it's still practically impossible to do in sandals or flip flops (which is a big problem for me during the summer). Also, it snaps very forcefully in and out of place, which will definitely wake up a sleeping child in this stroller. "


"A 6-month-old baby in Australia survived being run over by a train because he was strapped securely into his baby stroller.

The baby’s mother was temporarily distracted by an oncoming train as she waited on an elevated train platform. Her baby son’s stroller rolled off the platform and onto the tracks just as the train ran over it. Grainy video shows the mother desperately reaching for her baby and nearly being hit by the train herself. She then screams hysterically as onlookers walk away in shock"

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vedrajones09 said...

Yeah, I saw this on tv last night! That was insane. That poor mother almost got hit by the train as well trying to save her baby! Thank god they both are safe! as far as the stroller goes..I actually own the P&T. It's not that bad, and since I saw this...I am glad to own it.

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