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Monday, October 26, 2009

Before I Forget

Cows do sleep....

I picked up those BF'ing PJ's. They are cool I guess. If I sound a little disappointed, I am. My brain kinda imagined awesome garments that soothed the boobs and simultaneously milked me too!. Oh well....What I bought is just an elongated glorified nursing bra. Flaps are nice, but should anyone PAY EXTRA for them?? In my opinion, NO. Bellyaching aside, The night wear is nice, and when it came time to use the flaps.....I was glad I had them.

In other news I'm still sick. Hana is beginning to cough as well. I called the pediatrician today, and she said if the baby's symptoms get worse I should bring her in or to the ER. I hope we are better in time for the baptism next week. I want my LO to be in good health(all the time &) for the big family day. I was thinking about rescheduling it, but then I would have to re-do the invites. Not fun!

I changed my mind on the dress. It's now between the two dresses below. I have until Friday to choose in order to get it in time. These dresses are much more affordable than the previous one I picked out. Which one do you think I should go for 1 or 2?

Dress#1 Dress#2

Oatmeal..........does work. I've been eating it at least once a day and I have noticed a continued increase in my milk supply. Good thing I like it.


Vanessa G said...

both dresses are gorgeous! I can't choose, and anyway she'll look cute in both.

Sunflower mom said...

I love #1 more and more each day, but dad is pushing #2.......overprotective so soon ...geez :p

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