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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

La Leche Loca

(This is an actual pic from the deep freezer, I took them today..lol..stopped being lazy)

This is just a light representation of what my frozen store looks like. I have been pumping the "shunned" breast since week one, and so far it gives me about 30-40oz of milk per day. All of which is "extra" milk because Hana only drinks milk out of the left breast. I have been going through so many bags that i have cut back on my pumping to try to cut a small portion of my milk supply.

Issues this week......My left breast is very sore....and I'm not talking about the nipple, the underside of my boob is sore. It is interfering with feeding. Last night i thought i was going to have to go to the hospital because the searing pain was not going away. Lucky for me that today it has seemed to lessen and i can continue to nurse my LO another day.

As a side note ..whoever said bf was easy is nuts. This is a big commitment. I mean... my day is planned around nursing/pumping for goodness sake, but it's something i do for my sweet little girl. Its hard but It's awfully empowering to be free from the formula companies. No matter what "new" formula they come out with i take heart in knowing that what i give cant be copied and is best.

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