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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Seems I've been waiting forever for my little one to end the rejection. I'm happy to share that the stand off is over!! She has accepted the shunned right boob!!! No longer am I forced to solely pump that side in the wee hours of the morning. NO! I am free to feed from both sides!! Yatta!!!!!!!!! Honestly I thought this day would never come, and also less pumping means I can cut back on storage. Thank goodness for that because I think I have more than enough milk frozen at this point.

When Daddy saw all the milk I had stored, He joked that I am blessed to produce so much milk, and that people out there that need to can't for one reason or another. Taking that into account, I guess I will thank god for ever ounce I get and pray that I can continue to rely on my body for my baby's nourishment. Formula is expensive and I am glad for each day I don't have to waste my savings on it.

Oh, by the way I know this is off subject (which I will go from time to time) but I've decided against a condo...the good news is that my sister has agreed to put in with me to get a two family house!!!! I had been asking her for the longest, but yesterday she relented (she has control over both our house money from our mom. There is a house around the corner for sale that looks good from the outside...but no matter what I'm going to make sure It has a small room for me to nurse in (Ill turn it into a play room later).

As always...Time to nurse! (not pump!! WOOO HOOO!!!)

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