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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Gift

Today, I was sitting in my rocking chair nursing my baby and I started thinking how lucky I have been to be able to fully enjoy my new addition by being at home full time. So far I have had the great pleasure of witnessing her first smile and first coos. How my heart lept when I discovered that she recognized my voice and face. The topping on the cake is when she reached her little arms out to me when she cried yesterday. It is an awesome feeling and I owe it all to my mother, the strongest, most insightful woman that ever touched this earth. So everyday I look at my girl, I see my mom and thank her for everything.

now...my nursing tidbits of the day.....

As we know I am now free of my (awesome) breast pump. My little sunflower is still taking both sides, however I am still over producing milk. So much so that my breast are still full when Hana is done with her meal. I have been trying to tough it out and see if my milk will level out but so far its a no go. I decided to call up my lactation consultant and she said to give it a few days and my body should get the hint and cut back on production, If not then she will tell me about some medication i can take to cut my supply. That option makes me nervous and I hope it does not come to this. I hate meds!

So tomorrow I have a court appointment.....(did I mention I hate places that require one to wait forever in line?) I wonder if I should express some milk to bottle feed my LO or should I go full fledged lactation queen and nurse right in public? I am certainly not shy when it comes to nursing in public places, but I am not sure how they will feel in the court house? uggh! Whatever, we will see. I guess I will include pictures of shocked onlookers on my blog tomorrow.

*currently nursing away*


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