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Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Minute Milk


I used my pump again today, and my efforts were rewarded with a whopping 7oz of milk from Mrs righty! I am soo excited that pumping went so well after not doing it for so long. I guess I had the idea in my head that since I've just been breastfeeding and not pumping I would not be able to get any milk out using the pump. I am going to pump again in maybe an hour or so. Why am I working so hard you ask?? Well.....I am trying to make at least 30oz before tomorrow night becaause that's when I fly out to take care of some business (yay!).  I am very excited about that as well, but sad that I have to spend the night away from the baby. I have other frozen milk to offer, but I have a soapy issue going on with that (click here to read that post), so I'm trying my best to get out new milk,scald it and freeze it until tomorrow night. The hope here is that the milk will taste good, so even if she is fussy she will accept it.

In other fears.....I foresee my bosom swelling up like a balloon whilst I'm away, so I will be taking my hand pump with me. I entertained the idea of taking my big pump, but I don't want to deal with airport security. So laterz to bessie! She'll stay home and ......yes collect more dust.

If you're thinking that I'm silly for trying to do this last minute...maybe I am, but it's not my fault. I got in on a sick airline sale and had to take advantage of it asap. It was just a stroke of luck that it happened just when I was in need of said "sick travel deal". Wish my efforts luck, both milk and travel!


Trista said...

I breast feed olivia but I can't get anything out the pump anymore, I am lucky to get 2oz.
I am giving you the versatile blogger award
here is the link

MooMoo Mama said...

Thanks! Sorry about the pump thing...I guess as long as olivia is getting what she needs straight from the tap, everything is ok.

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