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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seafood & Milk

A taste of summer.....

Yesterday was such a nice day, the little fam decided it was a good time to hit City Island for some delicious sea food. Just in case you don't know what it is I'll tell you. City Island is a place furthest east in the Bronx. It's actually an island! About two blocks wide and 1.5 miles long, its home to a handful of people and some of the best seafood restaurants in NYC. Although we've been to most of the eateries on the there, we visited our favorite outdoor place towards the tip of the island.

With the kiddos in tow, we jumped into the car and headed out. The ride went well and even the baby seemed excited. We arrived, ordered our favorites (snapper/shrimp/corn/pina colodas/ect.....we skipped the lobster tails this time) and found an awesome outdoor table to chow down at. The place was not crowed to the max like it's next door neighbor, which was cool. My seven year old rushed through his meal just so he could throw the "leftovers" to the seagulls (if allowed he would have thrown the whole meal over to the birds..lol).

The real surprise came via my little 10 month old Hana. She attacked my plate and stole my corn on the cob!! The things that little baby can do with just two little teeth astounds me everytime! She held that corn for dear life, so of course I let her have it (who could wrestle food away from a baby and still live with themselves?).

ext she tackled my fries! She grabbed one after another.....there was no giving her baby food at this point. She had it firm in her head that she was a big girl, and going to eat big girl food! Lucky for her and me the fries were the big soft kind (steak fries). so they mashed in her mouth easily. She was going gaga for them. I think she ate more than her 7yo brother did. at the end she even stole some of his drink!! Guess who has mastered the art of drinking thru a straw?? Hana bear ! That's who!
I'm telling you...she really kept me and her dad laughing. At the end of our time out she got cranky and demanded to nurse (shirt pulling and her "milk cry"). I didn't have it in me to nurse her right there in front of the other diners. As it got later, more people started to crowd in. Yeah I know.....boob power and all....but I didn't this time. I was a chicken at a place full of seafood.

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