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Monday, April 26, 2010

What's going on? The 9th month update!!

Ok, I'm back and ready to go!

I've been really light as far as blogging goes lately. There are plenty of things going on that has been keeping me off my poor bloggy. Nothing major or heart wrenching, just regular ole stuff including nice weather, and sheer laziness. I guess a few updates are in order.....Here we go!

As I announced last week or so, the famous tooth watch of 2010 is over. My princess sprouted her first pearly white! It a bottom front tooth. I think I can see the second one right next to it on it's way in!

Eating!.......mi muñeca come mucho! and I mean alot! Just the other day something really funny happened. I was sitting down to share a small plate of leftovers with dad and Hana, light lightning, reaches up and grabs a handful of the food yells and eats it right up! She didn't even give me time to offer her any! Every time this happens it makes me laugh so dam hard, it's just the look on her face and how she yells out!...lol as if she say's "GIMMIE SOME TOO..NOW MAMA", and she's soo happy happy while chewing too! She kinds sings while she eats...it goes like this...ya ya ya (chew,chew)ya, ya.....ect. So cute. Also....She likes to eat food with lots of texture. Chewing is something she loves to do. If I give her any strained jar food I have to thicken it up with rice cereal or potatoes. Watching her self feed is the best part of our meal times! That little pincer grip is "da bomb"! Daddy say's she's such a good eater, and it's true. I never have to fight her or play "airplane".

Hana the socialite! .....lately as the weather has been good, my little girl is making friends on her trips to the park! I didn't know she was so social as she is always sticking to me (my velcro baby!) lol. On the last trip to the park another baby girl joined in on our play group. I thought she was going to cry but she didn't. She played without a care in the world. I was sitting behind her and she didn't look back once to check for me. A proud mama I am! I hope the rain clears up this week so we can get back to our play business. :-P. She has also been getting out to kiddie partys and get togethers.

Ryan even has a new playmate...bebe's sister Alex!

This is how WE roll! ^_^

Locomotion baby......It's her way or no way...really...she loves to "crawl" and it's kinda the full hands and knees thing but she also incorporates the roll when she really wants to get from point A to point B. I try to "teach" her how to keep moving her arms and legs to continue the crawl but she fusses and wants to roll anyway....*sigh*....so be it. Dad thinks she will skip the full on crawl and begin walking because she loves loves to stand and is starting to creep more and more now. I agree because I can't even get her to sit down in the bath tub anymore. She always stays put for five minuets or less then like clockwork she pulls herself up to stand for the remainder of the bath. There is no sitting this girl down and if you try she gets all worked up and begins crying. I pick my battles so for now..she can stand, I just have to hold her extra tight or keep bath time nice and quick. I guess it all adds up to .....
WALK WATCH 2010!!!
Take your bets folks! I'm hoping she will walk this month like her big big bro did. It's a long shot but that my bet and I'm sticking to it!

Nursing.....is still going well. Even though she is eating lot's of solids, Hana is still nursing several times a day. My poor pump is collecting dust in the corner as I have not used it in many weeks as I promised to do. I know I welshed, but I think my store of milk will take us into the 12 month mark because I only use it when needed, and that's not often. I'm thinking of starting up a new stash that I can use to take us into 18 months, but I have to beat that crippling condition called LAZY, before I can make that wish a reality. So for now it's all still coming straight from "the tap" and real weaning is on hold. Aside from the lazy condition I think a part of me does not want to wean Hana so soon. I guess I'm holding onto and treasuring our special time together. She is getting big so fast it's making me afraid I guess. She's not that tiny little flower I brought home from the hospital...all squishy and pink who could barely open her mouth to nurse.. where does the time go?

Family.......La Reina is what she has been dubbed....or the princess. Oh yes she has subjects....her loving brothers, mommy dearest, tia's, tio's , grandparents cousins, friends, family friends, and everyone else........not to mention the most loyal subject of all....PAPA! all wrapped around her little finger...especially when she goes into her "da-da-da" song. Soliel is what she is...our little sunshine.

Birthday prep.... Things are going slow, but I do have three more months till its party time. Right now I'm still working on the dress. More on that in a separate post. Saturday I did buy her the cutest birthday onesie ever. I was thinking she could wear it while playing, and could change into the custom made dress when it is picture time. Since her day is in July it will be way too hot for her to keep on that dress for the duration of the bbq party.

Health Check.... Last week we both fell a tad ill. A mysterious cold hit me like a ton of bricks and grazed over the baby. The has a runny nose, but aside from that, she is just as happy and playful as ever. I really think being breastfeed is helping her avoid being really sick. To date she has not had any illness requiring a sprint to the ER or anything. I still have untouched infant Motrin and Tylenol! She is blessed with health and I pray for her all the time. Even teething has not caused any dramatic fevers......yet. She will have her 9 month check up soon.....let's hope the shots don't make her sick either.

Ok...I think that's it. I'm back ....and ready to blog!

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