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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learning About Her Milk

My curious little flower.

Just a few minuets ago I was sitting on my couch nursing a fussy little girl. She didn't seem her super hungry self because she was distracted from the entire nursing session. What happened next I wish I could have captured on video, but then again I don't think I could have posted that up anywhere lol...

Hana stopped nursing, focused intently on the end of my breast where the milk comes out and began to study it. She pulled and pushed it as if she was trying to figure out how it worked...aside from drinking from it. The funniest part was when she pulled it for the second time. SHE SPRAYED HERSELF IN THE FACE with the milk!!! I did everything in my power to keep from erupting into laughter! She was soo surprised, but not deterred. She concentrated so hard on trying to understand the mechanics of where her milk comes from. I have to say that about 1/2 an ounce of milk was wasted from her "experiment". Every drop that came out she intently focused on. Then to my amused delight she did it again, what a riot!!!!!!!!!!! It was worth putting up with the pinching and semi-painful pulling just to see the look on her face for the second time! How priceless. This ones going down in her baby book, just in case I don't remember it when she's older.

I hope that satisfied her curiosity, because I dont think I can take the prodding again.

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