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Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Nursing

One Year Later.......

<-----This was me doing the Easter belly bunny hop when Hana was 24weeks old (in-utero) in 2009. At the church services she was a little fiesty but overall behaved. This year ----->
my little flower was out of the oven and still managed the same behavior! lol.

At the beginning of the service I noticed we managed to sit in the row with the most infants..lol. All little girls! Hana loved it. She looked all around, babbling at the babies that were close by. The boys and my niece & nephew sat in the row in front of us, and my sister and the little ones sat in the row before them. My little mama was very talkative indeed. So much so that she insisted on yelling "ba-ba-ba-yum-yum yum" at various times during the service. She did cry a little bit and I tried to quiet her down with nursing but she was still full of energy. With all the hymns and music she was too distracted to nurse for long. She kept whipping her head around at every baby's squeal, trying to see who made the noise. One thing about nursing in church that's nice is no one ever gives you dirty looks, nor does anyone stare. It's my favorite place outside of home to feed my baby, lol.

One tidbit.........she was not the most fussy baby there by any stretch of the imagination. A few other babies started crying off and on, and my young nephew hummed his way through a few minuets of worship. All together it was not a noisy service, the babies just added their two cents every so often =^_^=.

After the service, instead of sticking around for the egg hunt, we took advantage of the nice weather and spring foliage to take some family photos in the garden and have a picnic at the nearby park. The boys ran about under the sakura trees, and played tag with their cousins...getting a little messy in the process. I didn't think to bring the good camera, but still made do with the phone's abilities.

It was a good first Easter for Hana and for the whole family!

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