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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moo'n at the Q - First BBQ of The Year

Welcome to another one of my SEASON'S FIRST BBQ's!

It was warmer this year than my first BBQ last year, and we had a few more friends in attendance as well! Most importantly it was my baby's first BBQ outside my tummy! Things went as well as expected.

First came the shopping......Tuesday was the day I headed out with my sister and Hana in tow to collect the needed items from the supermarket. She loves riding around in the shopping cart and I make sure she is strapped in because she likes to reach out for whatever she can grab.

Fast forward past a whole night of prepping macaroni salad, burgers, and ribs. Then we come to the actual cook out itself.

A few good things happened....one.... the two grills lit on the first try. Either I am getting real good at this or the sun was soo hot that it started the lighter fluid on the bricks all alone...LOL Two...my family and friends showed up as promised! I have not seen some of them for the longest time! It was a great way to kick off the spring! Three.....it was also my friends son Christopher's birthday! so along with my BBQ food, we had cake too. now. Four...My Hana pants was nice enough to let our friends hold her! She didn't do her usual "give me back to mommy" dance. She was a nice friendly mamabear!

Feeding her was a success I guess. I didn't pack any bottles, ...a though at times I really wish I did. It's hard being the grill master and a nursing mommy. Once during the BBQ she did get real fussy and I had to pass off the GM duty for a bit. Everyone didn't care too much that I nursed right there in public because I think I've talked their collective ears off about breastfeeding to the point that they expect me to nurse wherever they see me =^_^= ! In my experience nursing always beats trying to heat up a bottle in the middle of a park, or trying to clean off the nipple of a bottle that's taken a fall onto the dirty ground...eek!

There was also something else that happened at the cookout. It's kinda funny and kinda scary. My friends husband had two small birds swoop down into his plate! Apparently the birds were fighting (over what I do not know lol) and dropped out of the sky right into his lap then recovered and flew right back into the trees next to us!! What's even funnier is that they continued to fight and we could still see them in the tree! Those little buggers were like a looming threat of attacking bird until we left, and we didn't leave until some time after 7.

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