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Saturday, April 3, 2010


We've discovered the best place to play in the park, and it's all our own!

An idea so diabolical, so utter & deliciously devious it should be a crime that I didn't ever think of this before when the boys were small! Somehow no one I know of has ever put the world of inside play together with the world of outside playground fun. The Idea came to me on one of our last outings to the park when Hana met a baby friend to play with. That mommy brought a ball for her baby to play with. She confidently sat him down on the rubber area that runs bigger than the length of the jungle gym and rolled the ball with him. That's when the idea hit me! I was a little nervous about sitting Hana on the ground and wished someone had brought along a blanket to sit the kiddos on. Well as I tend to do......I took that thought, kicked it up a few notches and BAM! Baby blanket outside play ground was born!

Ok..Ok.....yes,...........it's just one of her indoor play blankets (that used to be her older brother's when he was a baby) with some of her favorite toys tossed on for extra fun, but since she is not up and running around yet, I thought this would be perfect fun for her while her big bros enjoy the big kid park.

The real trick here is finding a section in the playground that protects her from flying balls and reckless tots steering wildly and wailing as they topple over (hopefully not onto my baby lol). With the myriad of things to watch out for, I think I bumped into the perfect spot for us to play! Its located right on one of the corners of the baby swing area. It's fenced in, and not very crowded. In essence our little corner functioned like a baby play yard if your will. Hana played on the blanket with her toys and then got to stand up and cruise by holding onto the sides of the gate enclosure. Even when she got a little fussy and wanted some movement a quick swing ride was just two steps away!! Genius if I do say so myself!

I think I introduced a new way for moms of younger babies to play with their little ones at the park in my neighborhood. Every mom who passed us exclaimed how they loved the idea and will bring their things to join us next time! It goes without saying that Hana made a few more friends. All the babies who could toddle made a bee line straight for Hana's little toy filled section. Until she can run about, this will be our little thing!

Hana's sun room!

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