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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wow...It's been 6 months!!

Since my last post! I cant believe it!  But  business and work has kept me SUPER SUPER BUSY!!  That's a good thing, however I still think I need to get back to my blog ^_^ ...... after all......I'm still a nursing mama.....extended that is ^_^.

I don't really have the time to make this a catch-up post because of the ton of things that have happened, but I'll try to squeeze it in little by little. I guess I'll start with what I really want to share.....

My NYC visit!!
I went to see my big sis graduate in the summer and man...it was really nice. aside from the ceremony it sure was nice to see my family again, and my old city! I never thought I'd miss the good ole Bronx but I do. I miss all the things I grew up with, the food, the places, my friends,,,,,*sigh...Maybe going back will be in my future..but for now I'm living life as a Texas girl and I have to say....it's not a bad life at all (my eldest son can walk to high school and there are no people standing on the corner, and in a year he can drive himself to school!

anyway...back to my NYC visit!  Here are some of my favorite pictures......I'll keep putting more up as the day goes on.

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